This Russian Boy Claimed To Have Lived On Mars But Came To Earth To Save Humanity


In 2017, Boris Kipriyanovich, a young Russian man from Volgograd, claimed that in his past life, he was a Martian. His reincarnation on Earth is associated with the goal of saving all of humanity.

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Boris Kipriyanovich
Boris Kipriyanovich

Boris also claims that the Martians are immortal. They stop aging at the age of 35, are technologically advanced, and also competent in interstellar travel. He said that when they fly to our planet, they have to breathe through special tubes filled with carbon dioxide.

The young man also claims that there is a connection between the ancient Egyptians and Martians, and the Great Sphinx in Giza holds the biggest secrets that can change humanity.

He said: “The human life will change when the Sphinx is opened, it has an opening mechanism somewhere behind the ear; I do not remember exactly.”

He explained how he had once visited the Earth as a pilot, when he was revived in 1996. He said:

“I remember that time when I was 14 or 15 years old. The Martians were waging wars all the time, so I would often have to participate in air raids with a friend of mine.”

“We could travel in time and space flying in round spaceships, but we would observe life on Earth on triangular aircraft. Martian spaceships are very complicated.”

“They are layered, and they can fly all across the Universe.”

According to the young man, he witnessed the death of civilization of the Red Planet in atomic fire and does not intend to allow humanity to suffer the same fate. He fears that such death threatens the human race. In particular, this is due to the nuclear program of Kim Jong-Un and the tension in relations between the United States and the DPRK.

Boris Kipriyanovich
Boris Kipriyanovich

He also claimed that he is not the only child from outer space on Earth. There are also other people similar to him sent here with a special mission to save humanity.

Boris Kipriyanovich’s parents claim that their son has a special gift and tells the truth about his past life on Mars.

According to Kipriyanovich’s mother, she knew that her child was special from the moment he began to hold his head without any support when he was only two weeks old. His parents did not tell him anything special about space, but the boy very often spoke about Mars and alien civilizations.

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