Quest Games – if tried them once, you can’t stop anymore


Quest Games – if tried them once, you can’t stop anymore. The quest industry, like room escaping games, have become incredibly popular. Active, bright youths often choose intellectual kinds of leisure time.

With the technical progress, it’s more difficult for young people to find something more exciting than the Internet or new gadgets. Quest games became the prototype of computer video games.

Even those who are indifferent to computer games become fans of reality quest games. The matter is in a unique atmosphere: you are a real main hero, and can easily forget about daily routine for some time.

Sometimes you have to use a map, a compass or difficult hints to find important artifacts – and some of them are really very surprising.

The genres are very different – from sporty and creative to intellectual-searching.

But why have quest games become a new alternative to pubs and clubs?

Have they become a new addiction for young people?

And how can they be useful?

First of all, such games develop logic, smartness, and wit. It is a nice chance to check your abilities and fortitude, get new impressions. It’s a great opportunity to work in a team, moreover, teamwork brings out even shy people.

Some psychologists believe that any strong emotions, even fear, help to increase your appetite for life, fight with depression and make a person more firm to possible dangers.

Any small victory, even in a game, is a good way to work up a habit of succeeding. You can also increase your self-esteem and self-confidence. After some quest games, you can get re al gifts.

How to choose a good quest game?

In a good quest game:

1)A nice quality and well-considered design;

2)Not too simple, but logically hidden hints;

3)An opportunity to reach the finish and win even without having any experience in same games;

4)An opportunity to go back to the previous level;

5)No long boring tasks;

6)Hints are suitable for understanding for people of different occupations;

7)No strict programs for synonyms and different ways of giving the right answer.

All these points help people to enjoy the quest game and realize all their potential.

Reality quest games take people from virtual contacts to real. Some of them are very good for whole families – teenagers, even those who don’t have many common interests with parents, can look at them from another point of view; parents can learn to understand their children better.

Some couples go on a date to a quest game too: there are many romantic games, like creating a map for your lover to get somewhere, or 5 right answers for 1 minute: both lovers should give same answers on personal questions about their life together.

Quest games are also good for ratings as it’s a good way to watch somebody’s behavior in a critical situation, how he/she reaches the aims, works in a team, so it’s a nice chance to show yourself!

Share ur view in comments: Have you taken part in quest games? Which genre do you prefer?
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