A Tall Alien Took A Man From West Virginia To His Planet Lanulos In 1967


Back in 1966, salesman Woodrow Derenberger claimed that while driving home from Parkersburg, West Virginia, he was stopped on the highway by a strange object. A tall, bald human-like creature in a blue metallic suit emerged from the object.

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Derenberger immediately noticed his extended eyes and a completely crazy smile. The strange human-like creature said his name, Indrid Cold, and then stepped back to his vehicle and flew away.

Woodrow Derenberger encounter with an alien from planet lanulos

Derenbergers said that he had telepathic contact with the alien (Indrid Cold) after two days of their first meeting while driving his car. During telepathic communications, Cold said he was from the planet Lanulos which is situated in the Ganymede Galaxy.

He also said that people on his planets lived from 125 to 175 years (Earth years). This incident happened in Point Pleasant (West Virginia, USA). It is the same city where a strange flying creature with a wingspan of 3.5 meters appeared. They called him the Mothman.

planet lanulos
Highway where Woodrow Derenberger met Cold

Throughout this period, Derenberger’s direct contacts with Indrid Cold continued. He learned much about Cold’s people and their desire for friendly contact. In 1967, Cold took Derenberger for a ride in his spaceship. Strangely, they visited the oilfields of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as Cold’s lush, jungle planet, which was populated by beautiful humanoids wearing no clothes.

Derenberger died in 1990. He was completely out of his mind because, until his death, he had been possessed by visitors from the planet Lanulos.

Source: Visitors From Lanulos

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