Stanford Professor Found Out That UFO Encounters Damaged Pilots’ Brain & Analyzed UAP Materials

In the 60 years of UFO sightings, very little research has been conducted to discuss the nature of this phenomenon

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Lady of Stars: Egyptian Goddess Who Nearly Killed Human Race

It has been a mystery how ancient Egypt and Sumeria flourished in the past. The civilizations of these two historical

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7 Best UFO Podcasts To Learn More About The Unknown

UFOs and the possibility of life in outer space is a fascinating subject and one that lots of people want

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ANGER MANAGEMENT: 7 ways to control your anger

When we stifle rage and feel anger, it is difficult to pull yourself together immediately and find the anger management.

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First Color Of The Universe Is Revealed, And It Is Not Black

The universe is filled with visible and invisible colors, old and new. Most of us think that the only color

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TOP 10 world’s richest women of 2017

The ratio of men and women in the list of billionaires remains extremely unequal. But in the world of billions

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Was Mayan King ‘Pacal the Great’ Anunnaki God That Did Not Leave Earth?

One of the most important discoveries about the ancient Maya civilization is the mysterious Mayan astronaut engraved on the sarcophagus

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Did Egyptian Pyramids Inspire Nikola Tesla To Build Wireless Transmission Tower?

Ancient Egypt and the mystery behind the construction of the Pyramids are not only limited to archaeologists and historians but

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