Source of emissions of the banned Ozone-Depleting Chemical found


Scholars from the University of Bristol reported that the Chinese industry poses a serious threat to the ozone layer of the planet. It is happening because of continuous emission of Ozone-Depleting Chemical that has been banned all over the world for 8 years.

Environmentalists have long been talking about the destructive properties of carbon tetrachloride. Most countries of the world abandoned the industrial use of this substance in 2010. Researchers say that despite the use of preventive measures by manufacturers of large corporations, the release of ozone-depleting chemical is only growing. Environmentalists suggest statistics, according to which, 40 thousand tons of carbon tetrachloride is released every year.

ozone-depleting chemical
Source: NASA / NOAA

Experts calculated the source of emissions – they wrote about it in the Geophysical Research Letters publication. It turns out that almost half of carbon tetrachloride fumes from 2009 to 2016 come from Eastern China. At the moment, the main cause of harmful emissions is the province of China – Shandong.

Although many American and European scientists were able to advance in the study of this issue, they still cannot trace where the whole amount of destruction came from. Researchers have come up with the theory that, as a result of the production of certain chemicals, such as chlorine, carbon tetrachloride can evaporate unintentionally.

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