Overbite Teeth Making You Conscious? Not Anymore!


Whenever we watch our favourite celebrities online, we often are enticed by their smile, right? We, too, imagine getting a celeb-like smile and showing it off while getting clicked. However, orthodontic issues such as overbite teeth, often make us feel conscious in front of people as well as the camera. Overbite teeth are basically misaligned teeth. Apart from making us socially anxious, overbite teeth might also cause various problems such as jaw pain, wear and tear of teeth, trouble while speaking and chewing, tooth decay, etc. It is usually caused due to genetic reasons, nail-biting, etc. Therefore, it is recommended to go for an overbite teeth treatment ASAP to avoid such inconveniences in future.

Traditional metal braces often make us hesitant and indecisive about overbite correction as they are quite painful and uncomfortable. What if we tell you that there is a comfortable and chic way to fix your overbite teeth? Don’t believe us? This article has all your answers. Let us see how you can fix your overbite teeth in a hassle-free and aesthetic way.

What are clear aligners?

Clear aligners are a custom-made set of transparent plastic trays which are a perfect answer to fixing your overbite teeth. Prepared with the help of a 3D scan of the individual’s jaw, these aligners are super comfortable and smooth in texture. One needs to wear them for at least 20 hours per day to have an enhanced and faster treatment.

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How do clear aligners fix your overbite teeth?

Clear aligners fix your overbite teeth in a structured and well-organised way. They push your teeth to the required position by gently applying the pressure. As a result, this aligns your overbite teeth and gives you the desired smile makeover you are looking for. Are you still wondering if you should go ahead with clear aligners for overbite correction? Let us help you by telling you the benefits of clear aligners.

Why should you choose clear aligners to fix your overbite teeth?

1. Comfy and convenient

We all love to stay in our comfort zone, right? Traditional metal braces often bruise our jaw and cheeks due to their metal wiring and brackets. As a result, they are painful and uncomfortable. With clear aligners, fix your overbite teeth in the most comfortable way. They come with a smooth texture with no metal wirings and brackets.

2. Transparent (almost)

While traditional metal braces are evidently visible to the naked eye, clear aligners on the other hand are hardly visible. With this, teens and adults can fix their overbite teeth without feeling conscious at all.

3. Enjoy your favourite food with no restrictions

We all love binge eating our favourite food while watching our favourite movie, isn’t it? Moreover, no one likes being restricted to eating certain food items. Traditional metal braces restrict us from eating food items that may cause harm to the metal wires, such as chewing gums, popcorns, nuts, etc. On the other hand, clear aligners do not impose any such restrictions on us. Thus, enjoy your favourite food while fixing your overbite teeth with clear aligners.

4. Works faster

Clear aligners fix your overbite teeth at a much faster pace as compared to conventional metal braces.

Clear aligners are the modern and advanced way of fixing your overbite teeth without facing any hassle and inconvenience. They are pain-free, chic and the best solution to transform your smile.

Now that we have told you all about clear aligners, you should go for a leading and trusted lifestyle and healthcare brand like toothsi. They offer the best clear aligners and give you a celeb-like smile you’ve always desired. With toothsi, you can be at the comfort of your home while going for a smile makeover as their orthodontists are just a video call away. Book an online video consultation today and transform your smile!

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