An Oval-Shaped UFO Was Spotted Near The Sun


Not so long ago, astronomers started a discussion of the recently begun 25th solar cycle, and there were reports of observing an oval-shaped UFO object near our daylight star.

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Oval-Shaped UFO
Oval-Shaped UFO

This time, we are talking about an oval structure registered by Linda Miller, who immortalized it through the use of her own camera with a very high resolution.

This event was announced shortly before the end of last year. Linda Miller shared her record of an unusual looking object flying next to the solar disk.

This is a kind of oval structure located next to the sun.

Watching this recording, it’s hard not to notice that the woman was aiming her camera at the target directly at sunny places.

Because of this, it is possible that this could be a potential light spatter that distorted the image and created lens flares visible in this film.

The aspect of distance seems equally important in this context. After all, the camera captured all the asteroids and satellites passing between our planet and the solar disk.

This fact prevents us from reaching the true nature of this phenomenon.

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On the other hand, observations of strange objects using solar satellites owned by global space agencies have become quite popular over the past few years.

According to people who constantly monitor the Sun, they see it as a source of energy for their spacecraft, and sometimes they “charge” it to the utter horror of ufological communities.

It is easy to imagine that the alleged thing captured by the camera may be a physical object that was captured by pure chance.

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