Brazilian Man Onilson Páttero’s Two Bizzare UFO Encounters Happened Before Walton’s Case


In the world of ufology, the most famous UFO incident happened with Travis Walton of Arizona in 1975. The case took place in the USA, so it got worldwide attention. Do you know that a similar incident shocked the UFO hunters when a Brazilian bookseller Onilson Páttero claimed to had been abducted twice after encountering a UFO, and it had happened before Walton’s case?

First Abduction

Páttero case
Onilson Páttero passed away in August 2008, at the age of 75, in Catanduva.

It was the night of May 21, 1973, and Onilson Páttero was heading back to his home after work in his blue Opel from Osvaldo Cruz to Catanduva, situated in the Brazilian state of São Paulo. Páttero was very tired, he switched on the radio and heard the sports news running, reporting about the upcoming World Cup. As he was driving over the Salto de Avanhandava bridge, 150 km from his destination, he stumbled upon a hitchhiker. He turned off his radio, drove closer and wondered if the young man needed any help. The young man’s name was Alex, and he was not carrying any luggage.

Páttero offered him a cigarette but he refused by saying that while traveling, he does not smoke but had a metal case that looked similar to a cigarette box. Later, he described Alex as about 1.75 m tall, with yellow trimmed hair, a round face, and big blue eyes. Páttero took the man with him, lit his cigarette, and resumed his journey to Catanduva. They both had a friendly conversation, exchanged words about their work, and Páttero told him where he lived.

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Initially, Alex’s destination was Catanduva, but when they entered the town somewhere on the Washington Luis highway, he said that his actual destination was Itajobi. Páttero decided to drop off him at his destination because of the rain and due to the late time, as Alex would not find any transportation. So, Páttero left him at the central square, and Alex said to him that he would visit him in the following days, reciting Páttero’s address correctly.

It was already 3 a.m., Páttero started his car and continued his remained journey. He was only 7 km far from his destination when the strangeness began. First, his radio caught some interference, and then his car’s engine failed and slowed down its speed. While he was figuring out the situation, a beam of light hit his car’s dashboard, moving left to right. When the light passed through the panel, it made transparent everything that came to its contact.

brazil ufo case
Páttero was 41 years old during his encounters

Terrified Páttero could see his car’s engine running, the camshaft and crankshaft. He wondered what was going on. He tried to find the source of the light, but the heavy rain and dark night could not let him. Soon, an intense blue, sharp and straight line of light blinded him, which he thought was coming from some vehicle. The intensity of the light was so strong that he had to stop his car in fear of a collision. He noticed the electrical system of the car was unresponsive and the light was getting brighter and brighter, so he took off his glasses, put them on a dashboard, and covered his eyes with his hands. He was ready for the impact and stood motionless for a minute but nothing happened.

He lowered his hands and saw an object hovering in the air around 20 meters away from him. Páttero wondered if it was a helicopter. But it was not any man-made thing, it had a circular shape and was quite big in size. He sat in his car for a while and then decided to open the door. He put his right leg on the ground and could feel the energy coming out of that object. Shortly after it, a cylindrical object emerged out that circular thing and landed on the road. As the cylinder began approaching Páttero, he got frightened and decided to run away on foot in Catanduva’s direction. He ran only 30 meters when something stopped him. He turned around and found that his whole car was transparent like glass and that thing was standing near it. He was taken into the alien craft and then lost his consciousness.

Onilson Páttero UFO case
Guard Queiroz retraces the moment he found Onilson Páttero

At around 5 a.m., two passers-by informed the police about the blue Opel and a man lying down next to it. Policeman Clóvis Queiroz who was near that place decided to check the case. He found Páttero still lying unconsciously on the ground, so he decided to wake him up. Páttero got up in fear because he was still in shock when Queiroz was asking him what had happened. He said: “They want to catch me,” and explained to the policeman everything.

Queiroz thought that Páttero was suffering from some kind of mental trauma and needed urgent treatment. He was taken to the hospital in Catanduva, underwent a series of tests, including mental health. Strange greenish spots were on his stomach, and his wife noticed that his hair turned black. Only 3 days after she took him home, his hair again turned to its natural state of light brown color.

Onilson Páttero alien abduction
Skin spot on the back of Onilson Páttero

Second Abduction

The second time he claimed to had been abducted by extraterrestrials happened on April 28 of the following year, in the vicinity of Guarantã (423 km northwest of São Paulo). This episode got a lot of media attention at that time, as Páttero disappeared for six days.

He was found disoriented by a farmer on a hill in Colatina, Espírito Santo, more than a thousand kilometers away from where he was captured. In this case, Páttero was also driving when he noticed the same lights like in the first time. On the second occasion, however, he has more memories of his trip to the supposed extraterrestrial spaceship. He said he had met Alex, the mysterious hitchhiker in the ship, and also said he had been examined by some “hooded men.”

Páttero's case
Newspaper clipping of Páttero’s case

Alex explained to Páttero that he came to Earth to remove certain material from the planet that could be dangerous if humans get it, and it was “fatal for UFOs of non-warfaring species who visited Earth.”

Páttero’s story reached investigators at the Department of Political and Social Order (DOPS), Max Berezovski and Willi Wirtz, who asked for an analysis of his report.

According to testimonies of October 1974, Berezovski considered Páttero’s account of his first encounter with a flying saucer to be true but felt that the second one was false.

Wirtz, on the other hand, considered Páttero’s two “encounters” with flying saucers to be false. Despite the conclusions of this official investigation conducted by the Brazilian government, the fact is that the incidents reported by Páttero still remain as one of the most exciting and mysterious cases for those who research and are passionate about ufology.


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