Oldest Library That Hides Knowledge Of Ancient Civilization Discovered, But Nobody Knows Its Exact Location


In 1965, Argentinean entrepreneur, ethnologist, and mysterious fact collector, Juan Moricz made an incredible discovery. He found the oldest ramified underground communications system with the help of local Indians

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Oldest Library That Hides Knowledge Of Ancient Civilization
Oldest Library That Hides Knowledge Of Ancient Civilization

According to Moricz, the mysterious underground roads stretched for thousands of kilometers, passing besides Argentina and under the territory of Peru and Ecuador.

At the same time, the walls were smooth and polished, and the ceilings were flat and even covered with glaze. Tunnels led to vast underground halls. Even with the help of modern technologies, it is impossible to build such enormous underground.

Oldest Library
Oldest Library

So, Moricz said that he had found something like a library in one of those halls, where there were 20-kg books with thin metal sheets measuring 96 × 48 centimeters. Surprisingly, unknown signs were engraved on their pages.

As suggested by Juan Moricz and his colleagues, such as Scottish scientist and traveler Stanley Hall, Petronio Jaramillo and world-famous Erich von Daniken, this is the library of an extinct ancient civilization.

Mysterious Metal Books
Mysterious Metal Books

Other versions of the mystery say that those metal books contain historical prophecies of the Incas or even the information about aliens that once flew to Earth.

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In the center of the library, there is something resembling a table and chairs, but nobody knows the type of material they are made of.

Part of Father Crespi’s collection
Part of Fa ther Crespi’s collection

It is not a stone, not wood or metal. However, it is very similar to ceramics or modern composite materials. Such composites, which are particularly resistant to high temperatures and have great strength, are used, for example, in aviation and astronautics. But the library is ancient!

A large number of animal figures made of gold were also discovered: elephants, crocodiles, monkeys, bison, jaguars. They were placed along the walls of halls and walkways.

Ancient artifacts
Ancient artifacts

On the floors of the tunnels, many interesting drawings were found. One of them depicts a man hovering over a planet.

The found artifacts prove that before the current era of astronautics, people knew about the spherical shape of the Earth.

Ancient artifacts
Ancient artifacts

Another floor figure has a rectangular body and a round head. This strange creature stands on a globe-ball and holds the moon and the sun in its hands.

One more figure was found with a helmet and headphones that was known as “pilot.” A ring and wires are attached to his suit, resembling a spacesuit.

Ancient artifacts
One more figure was found with a helmet and headphones that was known as “pilot.”

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Another incredible thing made of gold resembled the Concord model of a supersonic passenger liner. One such artifact was sent to the museum of the Colombian capital of Bogota, and the other one remained underground.

Experts who are versed in aviation technology have suggested that this is indeed a model of an aircraft. Geometrically regular wings and a high vertical keel amazed them.

The figure of the aircraft is made of pure gold, which is also very mysterious. Indeed, in nature, pure gold does not occur in such a state.

From the above, it can be concluded that this is the fruit of extraterrestrial alien technologies.

Juan Moricz
Juan Moricz with his findings

Undoubtedly, this is not about natural formations: the underground corridors are turned at a right angle, they are either wide or narrow, but the walls are smooth everywhere. The ceilings are perfectly even and varnished.

Janusz Juan Moritz died in 1991. He always kept silent about mysterious dungeons. Nobody still knows the exact location of the library. So, even today, people continue the search.

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