FBI Vault: Nikola Tesla Was Brought To Earth By Venusians In A Spacecraft


For more than half a century, incredible information about Nikola Tesla has been kept secret, and only recently the FBI declassified document revealed this data, which indicates that a cult scientist was once brought to Earth from Venus.

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According to information from the FBI documents, Nikola Tesla was an alien.

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Nikola Tesla/ Photo credit: Wikimedia

In the archives of the FBI’s official website, there is a very mysterious document that contains a very unusual statement regarding Nikola Tesla.

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Source: FBI Vault

In addition, the declassified FBI dossier contained information about a certain George Washington Van Tassel, who was engaged in ufology and also worked on the Douglas, Hughes, and Lockheed planes in the 30s and 40s.

He claimed to have established close contact with extraterrestrials, which enriched him with a large amount of knowledge, to which humanity would have very little if only access was possible.

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Nikola Tesla/ Photo credit: Wikimedia

In particular, the amazing technique of rejuvenating the human body is mentioned, which for some reason the ufologist did not want to share with the world.

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Source: FBI Vault

Few people have contributed more to the widespread adoption of electricity in today’s world than Tesla, a man whose accomplishments range from pioneering the use of alternating current to experimenting with wireless transmission of electricity over the air.

Back in 1905, he filed a patent entitled “The Art of Transmitting Electrical Energy Through the Natural Medium,” based on his belief that the Earth itself is a giant electrical generator that can be used to generate virtually unlimited amounts of electricity.

Tesla was far ahead of his time and there is an explanation for this in the FBI archives.

In a declassified FBI document titled “Interplanetary Sessions Newsletter”, dated June 14, 1957, there is a paragraph claiming that Tesla arrived on Earth from the planet Venus.

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Source: FBI Vault

“The Space People have visited the Tesla engineers many times, and have told us that Tesla was a Venusian, brought to this planet as a baby, in 1856, and left with Mr. and Mrs. Tesla in a remote mountain province in what is now Yugoslavia.”

Nikola tesla alien from venus
Nikola Tesla/ Photo credit: Wikimedia

This information was obtained by Margaret Storm, who, according to the document, was assigned to write a book in Tesla’s remarkable life. She even had contacted with these so-called “Space People.”

In her interview happened in May 1959, Storm claimed that Tesla was in fact a Venusian.

She said,” “Tesla was born onboard a spacecraft and brought to this planet… and placed in the care of Mr. & Mrs. Tesla.”

There are too many indications that this may be true, the FBI declassified file is critical. Much of this material has never been made public.


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