New Photos: CIA Have Been Conducting Experiments With Alien Civilization


Two years ago, the Central Intelligence Agency declassified over 12 million files. Since then, journalists and self-proclaimed detectives have been looking at the documents in the hope of finding new information or advice related to secrets hidden by intelligence agencies. This week, more files have appeared on the web that contribute to deeper thinking.

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Strange files have already been discovered among millions of documents pointing to the alleged connections of the CIA with paranormal phenomena and experiments with an extraterrestrial civilization. Among other things, many reports of alleged UFO sightings have been found. However, two inexplicable photos quickly aroused the interest of users.

New images were introduced by MuckRock which brings together journalists, researchers, activists and ordinary citizens who want to analyze and publish classified governmental documents. Mysterious photographs were found in a 1971 document entitled “Picture of a Man.”

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with an alien civilization

The photographs depict two people in suits. Their silhouettes consist of visual noise, reminiscent of well-known interference when receiving a television signal, and in places where people should not be, empty places.

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However, the most interesting aspect of the photographs are the two numbers located on the bodies of the people. One person wears the number “1569,” and the other has a mirror image of the number “1572”. It is not known what these numbers mean and why the images could have been taken.

Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) with an alien civilization

Many questions arise about file disclosure. Why did the CIA create and archive these images? Who or what has made these photos appear now? Everything remains a mystery, so each of us can independently try to find a solution to this puzzle.

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