Were Nazis The First To Visit Moon & Mars Using UFO-Looking Nazi Bell?


The Nazi Bell, a UFO-looking spacecraft was created by Nazi Germany to enable flights to the moon and other planets of the solar system and even the Alpha Tauri star system. According to some conspiracy theorists, the Nazis used an incredible anti-gravity system to develop such technology.

Nazi Bell
Nazi Bell

The Nazi Bell was a top-secret project commissioned by Hitler. There are witnesses who claim that the apparatus of the Third Reich had landed on the Moon, Mars and distant Star systems.

There also was a documentary that suggested that anti-gravity technology was used by the United States after it was captured and then tested after the war. This is a UFO that crashed in 1947 in Roswell. Hitler ordered technology developed as part of a secret space program.

Where is the Nazi Bell now?

Nazi Bell
Nazi Bell

The weapon was a bell-shaped machine capable of destroying almost everything. It was believed that the bell could even change the time.

But if the technology really existed, what happened to it? It is believed that Hitler may have been on the verge of changing history forever with this machine, but if so, in whose hands is the bell now?

It is believed that SS Commander and German civil engineer Hans Kammler built a Nazi bell.

Nazi Bell
Nazi Bell

In Germany, the bell was named Di Glocke, and it was designed by the best engineers and scientists led by SS General Hans Kammler. Kammler is said to had been working on the V-2 missile program with Hitler and designed the Nazi bell. The V-2 missile program was the world’s first long-range ballistic missile, which was used for terror in London at the final stages of the war.

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The Nazi Bell was attributed to the functions of a fighter, opposing the enemy in the air, with the ability to be invisible. The finished ship in the shape of a bell was about three meters in diameter and made of light copper material.

Nazi Bell
Nazi Bell

According to the author of the documentary, Henry Stevens, the fuel used in the Nazi Bell was red mercury. It is said that this strange UFO has the ability to take off from the Earth and can travel to other Star systems. When the Third Reich was ultimately defeated, the technology was allegedly taken over and was taken into the hands of the United States.

A recent documentary explored the possibility that the Nazi bell was linked to the Roswell incident in 1947. Conspiracy theorists claim there were UFOs and an alien cover, but it was suggested that this was the site of the collapse of the Nazi bell. The US military has always said that it was a crashed meteorological ball that went down in New Mexico.

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