Mysterious Gravitational Waves that Hit Earth Could Be A Sign Of Betelgeuse Star Explosion


Mysterious gravitational waves that were sent to Earth are usually caused by cataclysmic events in the universe. Scientists think that these waves could have come from the Betelgeuse star that may explode soon.

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Mysterious Gravitational Waves
Mysterious Gravitational Waves could be from Betelgeuse Star

The Betelgeuse star is at the end of its life cycle. Humanity will catch a spectacle of cosmic proportions.

According to astronomers, the brightest object in the night sky, known as Betelgeuse, is dying.

The star has a mass of 15 ± 3 solar masses. And it is located at a distance of approximately 600-700 light-years from Earth. Due to its high luminosity, it is observed not as a point object, but as a usual glow. In this regard, the exact distance cannot be estimated. Besides, because of this, it is difficult to determine at what stage of the life cycle a star is. But it is known that its life will end soon.

Mysterious Gravitational Waves
Star explosion

It is known for sure that its age is 10 million years and its radius of 1,180 times larger than the radius of the Sun. If Betelgeuse was put in the place of the Sun, then Mars and its orbit would be absorbed by the star.

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Betelgeuse has already consumed all the hydrogen and burns out its remains. After this stage, a star can explode a supernova both in a year and in several thousand years.

In the last supernova explosion, that happened in 1054, it was estimated to have generated the Crab Nebula, one of the most beautiful nebulae in the sky.

Mysterious Gravitational Waves
Mysterious Gravitational Waves

When Betelgeuse drops its shell and explodes, then its brightness will increase to -12 magnitude, which means that its explosion will be brighter than the full moon in the sky. It is also assumed that it can be observed even during the day.

Although the scale of the explosion might be huge, it will not harm the Earth. After the explosion, the nebula will be visible for several years, and we will never see it without special devices.

Unfortunately, astronomers cannot give an exact date. It may explode tomorrow, or maybe in 100 years. But if we catch the death of Betelgeuse, then this will be the most colorful and spectacular event that a person has seen.

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