Moon Is Hollow From The Inside And Inhabited By Small Alien Creatures


The hypothesis that the moon is hollow inside is far from new. In his 1901 novel, “The First Men in the Moon,” H. G. Wells (1866–1946), known to many as the father of science fiction, wrote about an epic journey to the moon. The protagonists of the novel are surprised to learn that the moon is not at all what it seems from Earth. In fact, it is hollow and inhabited by a strange alien race. Its representatives are like insects.

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Such fantasies were very bold for a novel published in 1901. However, as soon as people visited the moon more than 60 years later, the concept of a hollow moon was further developed.

hollow moon
hollow moon

Why did this happen? During lunar landings, astronauts deployed several seismographs on the lunar surface. These tools are designed to record movements and vibrations. Seismographs remained on the lunar surface to collect activity data on the moon. The instruments that were installed during the Apollo 11, 12, 14, 15, and 16 missions transmitted information to the Earth via a radio channel until they were simply turned off because of financial savings in 1977.

hollow moon
Schematic diagram of the Apollo seismometer. (NASA image)

These data spoke a lot about the moon and its internal structure. In particular, they reported the existence of moonquakes. These events were divided into four categories:
1. Deep moonquakes (700 km below the surface);
2. Vibrations (caused by meteorite impacts);
3. Thermal moonquakes;
4. Small moonquakes (20-30 km below the surface).

These last small moonquakes led to the hypothesis of a hollow moon. It is said that during these events the Moon “rang like a bell.” This phrase was often used after the Apollo 12 flight. During its implementation, the 2.5-ton take-off stage was deliberately dropped on the lunar surface.

The duration and severity of the seismic disturbance caused by the shock surprised seismologists. They heard strong signals lasting more than an hour and a half after the impact and weaker signals that were recorded within an hour after the collision. It is not surprising that using such information, some people came to the appropriate conclusions. The moon, in their opinion, may not be as solid as official science claims.

Closely intertwined with the Hollow Moon hypothesis is another fantasy. Some highly respected scientists of the last century have stated that the Moon is an alien space ship. It is known as the theory of Vasin-Shcherbakov.

In an article by Mikhail Vasin and Alexander Shcherbakov published in 1970, it was suggested that the Moon is actually an artificial hollow satellite of the Earth, which some unknown creatures placed in near-Earth orbit. Vasin and Shcherbakov were the members of the USSR Academy of Sciences. However, the article was published not in a scientific journal, but in the Sputnik publication. It was a kind of Soviet literary digest. In their article, scientists did not write anything about the type of unknown creatures that placed the artificial satellite into the orbit of the Earth. Basically, it described the materials of which the moon consists. They had to withstand both extreme heat and cold and be durable to withstand the impacts of meteorites.

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