Pentagon Investigated Military Alien Abductions, Former U.S. Army Special Agent Claimed


The US Congress recently held a UFO meeting in 50 years and yet no conclusive evidence was presented. Based on the military and Pentagon report, Congress acknowledges the pilots’ encounters and UAP sightings, but there is more to investigate. The US government’s UAP report concluded that they could threaten national security but found no evidence of aliens from the incidents. Though the government considered some military-UAP events yet to be explained, former Pentagon special agent Luis Elizondo came up with another shocking claim that the US Department of Defense investigated alien abductions of its military personnel.

After the expose of the Pentagon-backed secret UFO investigation program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP), the world came to know that the US never stopped its investigation into the UFOs. Elizondo, who had an incredible career in the military, was appointed as the head of this secret program.

Since the divulgence of AATIP, Elizondo inspired other military personnel from the Navy as well as the Air Force to reveal their stories of strange encounters. Elizondo has spoken in several interviews about the UFO/UAP incidents. He believes they could be from outer space and is sure in the presence of extraterrestrials on Earth.

Indeed, there are incidents when people in the government tried to aware the world of the aliens. Elizondo may sound absurd to somebody, but the reality is different than what humans perceive. “We are a very naive species and we assume and presume far too often,” he said.

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During an interview (video at the bottom) with Baptiste Friscourt of Explorer Lab, Elizondo shared his views on the reality of the universe and how different species or individuals perceive it. For example, he said that in Wyoming in North America where he lives, there are over 20,000 indigenous people who interact with nature in a different way than western civilization.

He further stated: “They have a much more intimate relationship with nature and a lot of the things that appear to be paranormal right to western culture is actually considered quite normal for them.”

Pentagon Investigated Military Alien Abductions
Lue Elizondo, former head of the Pentagon’s UFO Program interviewed by Baptiste Friscourt of Explorer Lab

Baptiste asked Elizondo questions about the UAP phenomena, military abductions, and nature of these unknown aerial objects. Elizondo phenomenally answered all the questions but at some points, he decided not to go into details due to obvious reasons.

In his interview with GQ, Elizondo suggested that pilots who encountered the UFO ended up with physical symptoms, although his phrasing was ambiguous.

“I’ve got to be careful, I can’t speak too specifically, but one might imagine that you get a report from a pilot who says, “Lue, it’s really weird. I was flying and I got close to this thing and I came back home and it was like I got a sunburn. I was red for four days.” Well, that’s a sign of radiation. That’s not a sunburn; it’s a radiation burn.”

This has caused many theorists to speculate on the possibility that these objects “defend” themselves in an unknown way from terrestrial pursuits. Or that the propulsion used is totally different from what we know.

Elizondo even went on to say that other pilots also experienced space-time warping. “It felt like I was there for only five minutes, but when I looked at my watch 30 minutes went by, but I only used five minutes’ worth of fuel.” He said that the closer such objects got, the more they began to experience variations in space-time relative to the vehicle and the environment. This was said in reference to one of the theories about the objects, which mentions that they alter the space-time around the ship to move at incredible speeds.

He also mentioned that there are more unpublished videos about these mysterious unknown phenomena.

“I was talking to pilots routinely. There’s videos out there [in government, that the public haven’t seen] – there’s one that’s 23 minutes long. There’s another one where this thing is 50 feet away from the cockpit. I mean, it ain’t ours. We know that. Sometimes you just couldn’t believe it – you’d have seven or eight incidents in a single day. I’d get these emails from an admiral or a ship’s captain saying, “Lue, what do you want me to do? I can’t keep people below deck forever. These things are swarming my ship, they’re all over the place.” (Click here to read the full article)

Military alien abductions investigated by Pentagon

Baptiste asked Elizondo if he had investigated military alien abductions and if any evidence had been recovered. The former official, surprisingly, said that he did, but that he could not reveal the details.

When asked if the number of abductions of military personnel increased for the past years, he said: “That’s a hard question to answer. This is because we don’t know if it’s actually increased or if more people are now feeling comfortable to report and come forward and so there lies the problem. It’s just like crime rates on the street when you hear that well crime has gone up 10 or has gone down 10.”

Although Elizondo sometimes prefers not to answer for confidentiality reasons, the truth is that he has revealed some things little by little, from the UFO sightings by members of the Navy to the existence of the videos that prove it.

Elizondo added that the UAP phenomenon is not new to the world. There is no information when it was first spotted, but Christopher Columbus reported it in 1492. He claimed that the 2004 Nimitz encounter was not the first navy sighting, there are the earliest records as well.

For Elizondo, there are 3 options on what the intention of UFOs could be. Option one: they are here to help mankind. Option two: they’re neutral. Option three: they’re here for bad reasons.

The first one is ruled out because they have not interfered in any war. The second one may be the possibility, and theast one arises as we see how UFOs actively monitor military capabilities as if preparing for something. For this reason, he believes that it is better to let the whole issue come to light, even if it is 50 years later, than for the world to be surprised now.

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