US Air Force Officer Pulled into UFO By Serpentine Arm In New Mexico Desert In 1956


In 1956, a US Air Force sergeant was abducted by the flying saucer that dragged him inside the object. After that, his mutilated body was found in the desert of New Mexico. It is one of the most bizarre cases of human m*tilation linked to UFOs. This most shocking incident involved Air Force sergeant Jonathan P. Lovette and Major William Cunningham who went out in the search of the scattered debris of the testing missile at White Sands Missile Test Range in the desert near Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico.

Lovette-Cunningham incident
Holloman Air Force Base in New Mexico

As they reached the crashed site and began their search, Major Cunningham heard a loud scream of Lovette in terror. He ran to check on him in no time, but what he saw next was a grisly view.

At first, he thought that Lovette was bitten by a snake, so he crossed the sand mound to help his partner, but it was the most shocking encounter with extra-terrestrials.

Cunningham saw a metallic flying object, hovering 15-20 feet over Lovette, and a long serpentine arm was wrapped around his leg, dragged him inside the ship. The object rose up in the sky and took the man away from the base. During this horrifying abduction, Cunningham was standing still in fear and could move only after his partner had been carried away.

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White Sands
White Sands in New Mexico Desert Image credit: Photographer Navid Baraty

He contacted Missle control on the radio and explained to them everything that he had seen. Besides, they noticed an unknown radar signal that was moving rapidly. Soldiers and the security team arrived at the place where the incident had happened. They sent the surprised and shocked Cunningham to the hospital for investigation and medical check-up. When he told them about the abduction, a huge investigation began that continued for the next 3 days, but no sign of the missing person was found.

This led to suspicion on Cunningham for his unbelievable story, and he was detained for Lovette’s disappearance. But on the third day, the body of Lovette was found 10 miles from the site of the alleged abduction. His corpse was in a horrific condition, and there was no clothing on it.

animal mutation
Newspaper clipping about the animal mutation from the FBI documents

Lovette’s body had been terribly mu-tilated, and not a single drop of blood was left in his body. His tongue had been cut from the lower end, his eyes were missing, and also there was no anus. According to the medical report of the Air Force, his gen-itals and other organs were neatly removed by surgery. The medical experts were completely shocked, knowing that although his blood was drained from his body, his death did not happen because of vascular collapse which usually happens while bleeding.

Lovette-Cunningham incident was studied by Project Grudge that had been initiated by the US Air Force after World War II for the investigation of unidentified flying objects. It was later followed by the Project Blue Book. This case was labeled as “Project Grudge Report 13,” which contained information in 600-pages documents.

Project Bluebook
Screenshot from the Project Bluebook series

But there is no official information on the case and obviously, the US government denied the existence of any such news. All the information obtained into the case came from the personal notes of William English, who was the captain of the US Army’s Special Forces.

English claimed that he had been asked to analyze the document posted at a former Royal Air Force base in Chicksands, England.

According to a book entitled “Military Encounters With Extraterrestrials: The Real War of the Worlds,” English described everything that he had read in Report 13 in two audio cassettes. He also discussed his findings in a Colorado radio broadcast in 1991.

Whether the 1956 alien abduction and human mu-tilation case of the US army officer was true or not, it shed light on many other mu-tilation cases that happened in the past and present.


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1 year ago

Watch “Unacknowledged” and “Above Majestic” for background and history of ET’s.. Also watch other material and clips from Dr. Steven Greer, David Wilcox, Cory Goode and Emmet Smith. Here’s a tidbit from a very famous man…..

Ben Rich…Quotes…

”The U. S. Air Force has just given us a contract to take E. T. back home.”

”We also know how to travel to the stars.”

”Anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

”If you’ve seen it in Star Trek or Star Wars, we’ve been there and done that.”

”We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking
far beyond anything you see on Star Trek.”

Upon graduation with a master’s degree in thermodynamics from UCLA, Ben Rich was hired by Lockheed. In December 1954, Rich was sent to the secret research and development Skunk Works section run by Lockheed. Later was program manager for the SR-71 Blackbird propulsion system. The idea to paint the high-speed aircraft’s skin black, to help dissipate the tremendous frictional heat, was Rich’s. He championed the early prototypes of stealth technology and led the development of theF117stealth fighter. Ben Rich, stated during a 1993, Alumni Speech at UCLA:

That’s exactly correct, Linda. I have that quote right here. Mr. Ben Rich passed away in 1995 and before he passed away, he dropped a number of bombshells. This took place at Wright-Patterson AFB back in 1993. He gave a slide presentation there and also at the UCLA School of Engineering Alumni speech – he gave on March 23, 1993. At the very end of his presentation, in both of these venues, he completed his slides with the following quote: ‘The U. S. Air Force has just given us a contract to take E. T. back home.’

He also mentioned, “We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in black projects and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity… …anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

And he also mentioned at the UCLA speech, ‘It is time to end all secrecy on this as it no longer poses a national security threat and to make the technology available for use in the private sector.’ That’s exactly what we’re talking about here.

He was telling us about a whole level of aircraft, of spacecraft, of advanced propulsion systems that are so far advanced. He even mentioned technologies that are 50 years beyond even what we could possibly dream of. Now, when you hear that coming from the Director of the Skunk Works, I think it is important to really take that to heart. This gentleman knew something and he was trying to tell us something. And I think this is the space program that none of us have a clue about in the civilian sector. This is what Ben Rich was trying to tell us about.

Ben Rich “father of stealth technology” and former vice-president of the Lockheed corporation made a few statements to Jim Goodall. He said “we have things out in the desert that are 50 years beyond what you can comprehend” “and wont be made public for another 50 years” “If you’ve seen it in Star Trek or Star Wars, we’ve been there and done that.

In another interview Jim Godall said this:
”Ben Rich told me twice before he died: ‘We have things at Area 51 that you and the best minds in the world won’t even be able to conceive that we have for 30 or 40 years, and won’t be made public for another 50.” A friend of mine at Lockheed told me: “We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking far beyond anything you see on Star Trek.”

One time I interviewed a retired senior master sergeant who had been at Groom Lake three different times as an Air Force safety specialist. … At first he was real nervous, but when he warmed up he told me: ‘We have things that would make George Lucas envious.’ I know one retired guy who worked at Lockheed for 30 years, most of the time at Area 51; he’s very proud of what he’s done, and he wants the story of the place to be told so that his grandchildren will have some idea of what he was involved in. In the summer of 1986, I asked him if he believes in UFOs. He said, ‘They absolutely, positively do exist!’ I said, ‘Can you expand on that?’ And he said, ‘No, I’ve said too much as it is.’ “

Of course this technology could only come from UFOs. But those statements lead me to another question. What about teleportation (beam me up scotty!) If Ben Rich said anything you see on Star Trek, we’ve already done, that leads me to believe that teleportation is possible. To a small degree we already know its possible because Scientists did it in a lab with protons. No wonder the ancients thought extraterrestrials were gods.

About Ben Rich
Benjamin R. (Ben) Rich graduated from Berkley with a degree in mechanical engineering in 1949 at the age of 25. Rich originally wanted to become a doctor. In 1949 Rich decided to get a master’s degree from UCLA specializing in both “aeronautical engineering and dating sorority girls.” Rich came to Lockheed in 1950 after receiving a degree aeronautical engineering. In December 1954 he was summoned to the Skunk Works by Kelly Johnson as a 29 year old thermodynamisist earning $87 dollars a week. Kelly had requested to borrow from the main plant “a thermodynamicist, preferably a smart one” to solve an unspecified problem. Ben Rich’s first assignment with the Skunk Works was the intake on the XF-104 Starfighter. Rich would soon work on the U-2, the A-12, YF-12, Sr-71, and D-21 programs. He joined the SR-71 program in its initial stages in 1958, and as a thermodynamicist, personally suggested that the Blackbird family of aircraft be painted black to reduce surface temperatures.

In 1975 Rich succeeded Johnson as the head of Skunk Works and as a Lockheed vice president in 1977. Rich during this period focused the Skunk Works on the creating the F-117A. In 1977 when the XST made it’s first flight, retired Kelly Johnson slapped Rich on the back and yelled “Well, Ben, you got your first airplane.” In 1984-86 he served as intern president of Lockheed’s Advanced Aeronautical Company, after which he promptly returned to head up Skunk Works once again. In May 1990 when the Skunk Works became a independent company, Ben Rich was named the company’s first president and “Chief Skunk.” In December 1990 while the first deployment of F-117A’s were heading to Saudi Arabia for DESERT SHEILD, Rich retired from Skunk Works.

Ben Rich (and the entire F-117A team) won the 1989 Collier Trophy, was a fellow of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), received the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) national aircraft design award in 1972, was selected the 1988 Wright Brothers annual lecturer by both the AIAA and the British Royal Aeronautical Society, and in 1991 was elected an honorary fellow of the AIAA. In 1994, Ben Rich published his memoirs “Skunk Works.”

mark watts
mark watts
Reply to  Jerrold
10 months ago

Anything painted BLACK..raises the temp NOT lowers as black does not reflect sunlight.

Reply to  mark watts
4 months ago

Black painted surfaces can also radiate heat. To quote a story of how black paint is used on the James Webb Space Telescope: See story “Paint it black: behind the James Webb Space Telescope’s signature color”

“NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has to stay super cool to observe the cosmos. How does it beat the heat? Black paint.

As the agency explained in its new YouTube series “Elements of Webb,” the James Webb Space Telescope’s radiator is painted black to absorb heat. Just like how black asphalt gets hot in the summertime, objects that are black are generally hotter as they absorb all wavelengths of light and convert it into heat. (Comparatively, white objects reflect light and do not absorb heat.)

Webb engineers use this principle to keep the telescope cool. ”

This is not a new use of black paint. The SR71 did the same thing for the same reasons. As stated in a discussion on the SR71 at the forum:

“”The Blackbird is painted with a black paint that consists of a pigmentation containing minute iron balls. These dissipate electro-magnetically-generated energy and effectively lower the chances of the plane being picked up by radar. The special black finish also wards off heat caused by high speeds and actually radiates significantly more friction-generated heat than it absorbs at cruising speeds of Mach 3.””

2 months ago

Did they found who were these types of aliens who mutilated that guy? They should share their spacecraft shape atleast to protect other people encounter. Thks for this info.