Human Life Was Sent To Earth Into Spheres By The Martians 3 Billion Years Ago


For decades, humanity has successfully conquered space. It is believed that understanding the processes occurring in the galaxy will bring us closer to unraveling the mysteries of life. But the authors of the History channel are confident that the answers they seek are in people.

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According to the widespread theory of conspiracy theorists, human ancestors come from the planet Mars, and earthlings may not even be aware of their “Martian Homeland.” The mysterious civilization supposedly reached unprecedented heights in many areas, but the disaster destroyed life on the Red Planet. It is possible that the point in the history of Martians was set by competitors from other planets where they had seen a threat in their galactic “neighbors.”

Klerksdorp Spheres
Klerksdorp Spheres

Consequently, the Earth was once terraformed to ensure the origin of life on the planet. So, in South Africa, unusual objects were found, which were called “Klerksdorp Spheres” which are 3 Billion years old. These are fragments from various materials, the shape of which hints at their man-made nature. Conspiracy theorists are convinced that Martians secretly sent genetic information and microorganisms using these spheres, which subsequently allowed humanity to emerge, retaining its appearance.

History Channel experts suggested that understanding these elements would allow humanity to know its origin. This is proved by the fact that science still cannot answer for certain the question “did humanity form on Earth, or come from outside?” Probably, the Martians sent to Earth those microorganisms that allowed humanity to form over millions of years.

Martian Homeland
Martian Homeland

This means that a certain force destroyed the clues of our ancestors on the planet Mars, therefore, they are also interested in humanity. A number of experts believe that the same fate awaits us. How soon this will happen depends on the progress of our science, because it will help to reveal the secrets of warlike Anunnaki. This explains the close attention of the aliens, which is expressed in the frequent appearance of UFOs.


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