KGB Found 13,000-Year-Old Alien Astronaut Inside Egyptian Pyramid


Back in the early 1960s, the KGB apparently discovered an ancient alien astronaut inside the pyramid during an expedition to Egypt. Besides, fifteen different boxes with artifacts were found.

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13,000-Year-Old Alien Astronaut
Alien Body found inside a sarcophagus

While discovering these boxes, the expedition also stumbled upon a sarcophagus with hieroglyphic inscriptions on it. When they were deciphered, it turned out that they contained a prophecy about the return of the winged deity.

Inside the sarcophagus, an alleged alien was discovered who was several meters taller than a typical Egyptian.

Using carbon dating, 14 different tests were carried out that revealed that this body was between 12,000-13,000 years old. In Egyptian mythology, the find may be part of a dynastic belief in Egypt. These people were gifted with the ancient knowledge of advanced civilizations.

13,000-Year-Old Alien Astronaut
KGB checking radiation level inside the chamber

Mythology mentions that the Egyptian god Osiris indeed came from the stars in a flying boat. Such a formulation would be comparable to modern UFO sightings that constantly occur around the world. At the time, the Kremlin was interested in various alien theories. What happened to other evidence or artifacts is unknown. The information leak was quickly discovered and stopped.

13,000-Year-Old Alien Astronaut
Alien Astronaut

This discovery may have something to do with the Turin papyrus. This ancient text is written in the hieratic language. The work is not completely finished, but it is believed that this is a list in which more than 300 different names are described in detail. Each of these names lists the reign of kings throughout Egypt.

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