Karting sport – a real men’s sport hobby!


The karting sport is one of the most spectacular and extreme kinds of a real men’s sports hobby, which is available for almost everyone.

It is a kind of active spending your leisure time, which becomes more and more popular with every new year. No matter how old you are, everybody can enjoy the feelings of the pilot from Formula 1.

But what does Karting mean?

Well-experienced instructors believe that kart is a source of sporty emotions, first of all, a nice facility for studying, and only then a technique vehicle.

What are the best features car for traveling ?

In a kart school you can:

✓  Learn the technical structure of the mini cars;

✓  Get the skills for the driving hobby-karts;

✓  Have the physical sports skills;

✓  Learn the rules for the track competitions;

✓  Take part in competitions.

Karting sport is the first step to the world of the auto sport. All those feelings, which a young sportsman has, are same with those, which a professional racer has.

Going in for Karting sport, people go into the world of speed, which helps them in making strong personality. Karting is a very dynamic and extreme kind of sport, and many adults use this hobby as a way to study and improve their skills of driving before more dangerous auto racing.

Unfortunately, Karting is an expensive kind of sport, but it’s worth money! Modern Karts are made from very light materials, and some of them can develop the speed up to 200 m/h.

Usually, a Kart consists of a chassis, an engine, a transmission, a seat and four tires. The body is made of lasting steel trunk. The chassis has many types because of different kinds of competitions and weather conditions.

Types of Karting:

Amateur (hobby) karting.

Hobby-Kart is equipped with a regulated seat, to be in a comfortable position for people of different age and height.

Hobby-kart is a safe mini-car, which can be used in small towns for learning the road rules.

You come to any kart drome (opened or closed type), get instructions how to drive a cart, some equipment and you can start your training for 10 minutes or more. A number of your training depends on your financial and physical abilities.

When you will feel that you can drive well, you can take part in competitions for amateurs – a nice source for good mood and adrenaline.

Karting sport with the team.

If after going in for amateur karting isn’t enough for you anymore, start a serious sport.

For that, it’s better to join a team with the coach and mechanic. The team will offer you a business plan for a season, the coach will help you with documents, equipment and getting to the pace of competitions, and the mechanic will prepare and make your kart according to your personal wishes.

Karting sport without a team.

Remember that it’s a professional level. Kart is a sporty microcar, which always needs preparations and fixing, as in any racing car the construction isn’t made for long using, but for speed.


Share ur view in comments: Do you think karting is good for getting adrenaline? Do you prefer watching or taking part? Can girls go in for it?


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