It Is Possible That Humans And Dinosaurs Once Lived Together On Earth


It is widely believed that dinosaurs existed on Earth about 65 million years ago. Their existence was suddenly interrupted when a huge asteroid hit the Earth, depriving the planet of life for a while. However, it turns out that there is evidence that some of them could survive.

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Humans-Dinosaurs coexistence
Humans-Dinosaurs coexistence

Many paleontologists believed that when a 10-kilometer asteroid collided with Earth, mammals, and dinosaurs suffered huge losses. All dinosaurs are extinct, as well as 75% of all mammals.

Despite this kind of opinion, many researchers are firmly convinced that there is evidence that in the distant past people lived surrounded by dinosaurs. This is evidenced by legends and cultural monuments from almost the whole globe, represented in folklore. Stories about dragons, basilisk, and wyverns are found in many ancient cultures that developed on Earth thousands of years ago.

We know stories of dragons from ancient China and from inaccessible Australian Aboriginal tribes. Many descriptions of mythical creatures unambiguously resemble the anatomical descriptions of some species of dinosaurs.

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However, this is not all. In almost all corners of the world, you can find cave paintings, sculptures, and figurines depicting dinosaur-like creatures. In the United States, Dawson County even discovered the Triceratops horn, which dates back to about 33,500 years. This finding further disputes the thesis that dinosaurs became extinct about 66 million years ago. The horn is currently housed in the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum, and paleontologists are seriously wondering if humanity has communicated with dinosaurs.

Humans-Dinosaurs coexistence
Humans-Dinosaurs coexistence

The sculpture found in the Cambodian Ta Prohm temple also looks particularly intriguing. The painting carved into the rock resembles the appearance of a stegosaurus for many of us, but the temple itself was built around the 12th century.

It is also believed that the tapestry from the French castle of Blois represents the dinosaur Dracorex with his young.

A collection of equally interesting discoveries was made near the Nazca Valley in Peru. One of the most controversial is an ancient piece of textile material that dates back to 700 A.D. A creature resembling a dinosaur is embroidered on the material. Is it possible for the Nazca people to have contact with living dinosaurs?

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Controversial discoveries also include the Ica Stones, on which various patterns were carved. Among them are images of people interacting with dinosaurs, such as brontosaurs, tyrannosaurs, stegosaurs, and pterodactyls. According to experts, the pearl in this collection is the scene where people use axes to kill a dinosaur. The hunters seem to demonstrate knowledge of the anatomy of the animal by hitting the nerve center in the dinosaur spine, which can cause a quick and sudden victory.

Another amazing discovery concerns the petroglyph of the National Monument of Natural Bridges – an American national monument located in Utah. The figure carved in the rock depicts a dinosaur resembling a Titanosaurus.

But how does this evidence relate to reality? Ica stones are considered fraudsters and the official tourism industry, although researchers still believe in their authenticity.

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J Duane Robinson
2 years ago

Considering the other lies that so-called “science” has told Mankind, I wouldn’t doubt it…