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10 Great Business Ideas for Setting Up Your Own Home Business In 2023

Tired of the daily job? We’ve got a list of the best business ideas for anyone looking to be their own boss and work from home. Check out some of…

Emily Moore By Emily Moore 8 Min Read

From Pascagoula to Monticello: Mississippi’s Never Told UFO Encounter

Quite naturally, the October 11, 1973, alien abduction case featuring Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson in Pascagoula, Mississippi, took the…

By Philip Mantle

Benefits Of Social Isolation: 8 Reasons Why You should Be Single

Many single people put a lot of effort to meet someone. But actually, being alone is no worse! Here are…

By Mariam Asiriants

Ex-Pentagon David Grusch: ‘We Have Dead Pilot Bodies From Extraterrestrial Craft’

Nobody would have ever thought that an individual from the US military with high credibility can come out and say…

By Vicky Verma

Massive Sayhuite Carved Stone In Peru: Is It Ancient Inca’s Hydraulic Model?

South America is widely known for its historical places, artifacts, and culture. Several pre-Columbian civilizations such as Aztec, Sumer, Maya & Inca that lived in the continent possessed great knowledge…

Vicky Verma By Vicky Verma 6 Min Read

Green UFO Flying Over Jupiter Could Be A Sign Of Alien Colony On It

In 2018, an image of the green UFO flying around the planet Jupiter appeared. The phenomenon caused an active discussion…

By Vicky Verma

Filmmaker Reveals UFO Secret: Skin Of Craft Seemed Alive Like A Biological Being

What are UFOs? The question that has been buzzing for decades might not have a simple explanation. From alien spaceships…

By Vicky Verma

Last Flying Dinosaur Captured On Camera In The 20th Century

We have mentioned the great ambiguity of the scientific statement that dinosaurs and humans did not exist at the same…

By Vicky Verma
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