Giant Humans Lived In New Zealand 2500 Years Ago, Before Ancient Polynesians


An unknown group of people excavated limestone caves in the Waikato region, New Zealand. They searched for the traces of some ancient Polynesian giants and reportedly found their well-preserved bones. However, archaeologists were worried that their excavations would destroy historical data. The locals also spoke out against the diggers, saying their ancestors had been burying their dead in that cave for decades. That is why, the diggers’ actions looked very alarming for them.

giant humans
An unknown group of diggers, searching for the traces of race of pre-Polynesian giants

The diggers began the excavations in 2016 and since then, they have regularly posted videos and photos with various interesting discoveries on the Internet.

According to RNZ, no members of the group were archeologists. Besides, they had never disclosed the exact coordinates of that cave, but the journalists managed to find the right place. Later, the owner of those lands confirmed that he had not permitted those diggers to excavate, and he did not know who they were.

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The diggers came to the cave in dark and worked all night. The group unearthed several interesting bones which, according to them, were 2500 years old.

New Zealand giant humans
A giant bone discovered by the group

They found an 8-foot tall human bone at least 2.5 meters in length. The group shared a photo of that bone on their blog, which has been viewed more than 88,000 times. They said the bone belonged to a giant pre-Polynesian human.

The yellowish bone in the photo is a dummy bone of a human leg of normal height, it is shown here for size comparison. It shows the fracture marks corresponding to the edges of the bone from the cave.

RNZ reporters managed to contact the group leader and e-mail him. He did not disclose his name but replied to reporters that their discovery would become more sensational than the discovery of Tutankhamun’s tomb.

The group of the diggers refused to disclose their identity

According to a spokesman for Heritage New Zealand (a government body that protects New Zealand’s historic and cultural heritage), there were no human remains more than 100 years old and no giant human skeletons in that cave. Some experts believe that bone belonged to a moa.

giant human skeleton
Maurice Tyson said the cave may contain the skeletons of Spanish flu victims

In fact, there are rumors, myths, and tales that people of very tall stature lived in those places. A resident named Al Mannering who grew up on the farm in the Waikaretu Valley where the tunnel was dug recalled that once, he had also seen a bone of a human leg that was 2 cm longer than his own. The man said he was 6 feet tall.

Another story comes from Maurice Tyson, 88, who lives nearby in the Tuacau area. When he was a teenager, he heard the story of how road workers accidentally dug up a strange crypt filled with large human skeletons. There were 14 skeletons, and they were over 2.5 meters in height. According to Tyson, the skeletons were quickly reburied by some archaeologists.

According to an article published by self-proclaimed “astro-archaeologist” Martin Doutre, before the arrival of the Polynesians, a tall tribe of “Aztecs-Maori” lived in the north Waikato caves.

According to Doutre, the Polynesians, who came in large numbers there, regularly attacked the Tall ones, killed them, and ate them until destroying everyone.



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1 year ago

[…] Giant Humans Lived In New Zealand 2500 Years Ago, Before Ancient Polynesians […]

1 year ago

[…] Giant Humans Lived In New Zealand 2500 Years Ago, Before Ancient Polynesians […]