Former NASA Employee Claims Aliens Are Hiding In Saturn’s Rings


After so many years of research, the universe is still full of mysteries and secrets. Naturally, there are many theories about inhabited planets and alien civilizations.

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Aliens Are Hiding In Saturn's Rings
Are Aliens Hiding In Saturn’s Rings?

This is not the first time that NASA employees talk about alien civilizations. So, Norman Bergrun made a sensational statement about aliens.

Norman said that it is Saturn that can be the refuge of an alien civilization, and NASA just hide their evidence, using it for their own purposes.

There has been a theory that NASA employees cannot talk too much. A few former NASA employees share some details that they could not have given out because of the confidentiality agreement.

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Are Aliens Hiding In Saturn's Rings?
Are Aliens Hiding In Saturn’s Rings?

Many times, ufologists have said that there are some suspicious objects in the rings of Saturn. Bergrun said it is becoming harder to hide them. In addition, in photographs from probes sent to Saturn in 1982, mysterious structures were seen.
Norman also said that more and more UFOs appear in outer space, and aliens living on Saturn can be hiding in its rings.

Another hypothesis says that in fact, the ring is a system of protection of Saturn, created with the help of alien technologies, which does not allow to take a clear photo of the planet.

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