Is Someone Trying To Contact Us By flashing Mysterious Lights On Moon For Years?


For a long time, unexplained optical phenomena have been occurring on the moon, manifesting themselves in the form of bright flashes mysterious lights visible on its surface.

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It is not known what causes them, but this is an indisputable fact. New hypotheses about the causes of this phenomenon are still being proposed, but even a very thorough study does not bring obvious solutions.

Astronomers call this phenomenon TLPs, after the English words Transient Lunar Phenomena. The first cases of its occurrence date back to the Middle Ages. On June 18, 1178, Canterbury monks observed a strange outburst on the surface of the moon.

In 1787, English astronomer William Herschel noticed three shining points on the surface of the moon. He hastily informed King George III. He hypothesized that these were signs of lunar volcanism.

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These events have intensified and continued to this day. Other theories suggest that flares are just meteor strikes. Therefore, a correlation was found between their appearance and the flight time of the largest meteor showers.

Mysterious Lights On Moon
Mysterious Lights On Moon

This cannot be adequately confirmed by the practical absence of dust clouds that should accompany such effects.

These phenomena are taken very seriously by science, especially given the increasing number of incidents. NASA even created a special group called Project Moon-Blink, whose task was to determine what flares up on the moon. The project worked simultaneously with the Apollo program.

Particular attention was paid to the very frequent reports of outbreaks around the Aristarchus crater. Neil Armstrong was even asked to pay close attention to this crater when he was flying nearby aboard Apollo 11. According to him, the surface was slightly fluorescent.

A recent study of the TLP phenomenon was conducted by astronomers from the British Astronomical Association (BAA).
The association took into account all cases recorded between 1700 and 2010.

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Their reliability was evaluated using scores from 1 for amateur observations to 5 with professional observations of outbreaks classified as TLP.

The data was then applied to known patterns, such as the number of sunspots and associated solar activity.

However, the theory that the solar wind causes electrostatic phenomena on the lunar surface has not been conclusively confirmed, and a team of scientists suggests the need for further investigation of these inexplicable optical phenomena.


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