When do You Think the Very First Photo/Video Of The Earth From Space Was taken?


Anyone can see pictures of our planet or even a full 3D model via the Internet. However, it all started not from satellites at all. So, when were the first photograph and video of the Earth from Space taken?

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German Rocket

The very first image of the Earth’s surface from a height of more than 100 kilometers was obtained due to Germany. During the Second World War, the Germans made a huge breakthrough in the field of rocket science with the rocket “V-2.”

After the war ended, the technology fell into the hands of the USSR and the USA, which began to actively build its first ballistic missiles on its base. As a result, during a test run on October 24, 1946, specialists from America managed to get the first frames.

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On “V-2,” there was a camera with a 35-mm film. The rocket managed to reach a height of 105 kilometers, after which it crashed. The film was not damaged due to the protective capsule. After that, the first black-and-white picture was obtained, on which clouds were clearly distinguished.

The first photograph of the Earth from space
The first photograph of the Earth from space (1946)

But the first satellite image from outer space was received by the US satellite Explorer-6. In 1959, the device reached a peak orbit of 29,000 kilometers. In the photo, you can clearly see the curvature of the surface.

first satellite photograph of the Earth
The first satellite photograph of the Earth (1959)

First Color Photograph Of Earth

Unfortunately, black-and-white photographs did not convey all the beauty of our planet. The second astronaut in the world who orbited the earth, Gherman Titov, managed to get a color photo from space. During his flight in orbit, he made the first shots with the Konvas-Avtomat camera, where a part of the Earth is clearly visible in blue tones. As a result, the record was the first video and at the same time a documentary about space with the real shots from orbit.

Footage of the Earth
Footage of the Earth by Gherman Titov (1961)

But people managed to photograph the whole planet only in 1967. The American DODGE satellite was at an altitude of about 40,000 kilometers during one survey. The photo turned out to be slightly blurry due to interference, but this was the first image of the Earth, where the entire hemisphere was completely under the light.

 first color photograph of the Earth
The first color photograph of the Earth (1967)

On December 24, 1968, the world saw what our planet looks like from the moon. The Apollo 8 crew made amazing shots. “Earthrise,” as a result, has become one of the most famous photos of our planet’s history.

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Photograph “Earthrise” (1968)

The first Earth photos from space ushered in a new era of mapping. Mankind has a unique opportunity to receive high-precision maps without having to travel personally. From satellites, the whole planet is in full view.

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