What are the best features car for traveling ?


Auto tourism has become a very popular choice for traveling. I think that everybody loves driving fast, at a high speed, enjoying the picturesque views through the window. But what are the best features car?
Traveling by car doesn’t depend on seasons or daytimes. If you have your own car for traveling, you don’t have to worry about your life and health, traveling by autostop, as you have both a vehicle and a place to sleep in.

But, to make your journey a comfortable one, it’s very important to choose a right features car, which will be your best variant. Otherwise, your traveling will not be able to bring you good emotions and pleasure, but only troubles and headache.
So, what are the best features cars for traveling, their peculiarities, and characteristics?


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There are many high demands for the cars, good for traveling. I suppose, the most necessary are:

  •  good technical characteristics;
  •  safety and reliability;
  •  a good speed;
  •  a spacious trunk;
  •  a capacious and comfortable car salon;
  •  a comfortable and soft enough suspension;
  •  efficiency.

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Also, it’s necessary to mind in what conditions you will stay, where you are going to. Those cars which are best for driving in the city can be not that good for traveling long distances. Think of all the advantages and disadvantages of your very case – sometimes it’s better to choose a new model of a lower class, in other cases the better variant will be to buy the secondhand car, but of the higher class.
Here are some pros and cons of different features car types.

  • features car
     SUV- Big cars are more reliable, can go through any place at a high speed. Its salon is spacious, the seats can be transformed into horizontal easily. But, the minuses are: difficult parking, falling backward because of the big size, because of the weight – fuel consumption.
  • features car
    Sedan-. The car of this type is not very remarkable, go straight on the road, have a repairing, although its salon isn’t spacious, and the trunk is quite small.
  • features carMinivan- A really good car for trtravelingIts cargo bay is nice for sleeping. Its weight is mostly safe for driving and the car is quite high. But it’s heavy – be ready for the fast fuel consumption and some difficulties while trying to maneuver.

As you can notice, not every car is suitable enough for traveling. That’s why here is the list of the most comfortable and safe car models, which are perfect for family travelings.

  1. features car
    Volkswagen Multivan California – a real home for a whole family – portative modern conveniences are inserted in the salon, a tent in case of bad weather conditions, the system of navigation and low fuel consumption.
  2. features car
     Volkswagen T5 Doubleback – a very popular car in Europe. It has an additional DoubleBack to have the encourage settlement on wheels.
  3. features car
     Volkswagen Touran – almost five-door compact van, made in high-quality materials. The trunk is voluminous – 1990 liters, great for massive heavy luggage.
  4. features car
    Subaru Outback – universal for bad roads, has 2 meters space for sleeping.
  5. features car
    Renault Scenic – a compact van, is nice for the comfortable and dynamic ride. Provides calm riding even on high speed.

Share ur view in comments: What is your best car for traveling? What are the most important characteristics of a good traveling car in your opinion?


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