Ex-CIA Officer’s Alien-UFO Encounter: Says ‘There’s A Whole Other Reality That Surrounds Us’


The link between CIA and UFO mystery is dated back to 1947. Since then, many CIA officials and the ex-US military personally propelled UFOlogy by giving shocking statements. Former CIA & US military officials such as R. James Woolsey, Derrel Sims, Lue Elizondo, David Fravor, etc. described how the existence of reality all around us that we are unable to perceive could be a major aspect of the UFO phenomenon.

Recently, two veteran CIA officers Jim Semivan & John Ramirez, who have expressed personal interest in UFO/UAP issues and cases, joined the George Knapp show to discuss the CIA’s role in the study of UFOs and their own experiences.

Jim Semivan spent 25 years with the CIA and then joined other former government insiders as part of Tom Delonge’s To the Stars Academy. He detailed how he was inducted into the CIA and learned spycraft, which takes years to master. The CIA works on a “need-to-know” principle, so when it came to UFOs, Semivan was not made specifically aware of research on this topic, though CIA analyst Kit Green was known for pursuing the paranormal.

Jim Semivan
Jim Semivan worked for 25 years as an Operations Officer for the CIA’s Directorate of Operations.

On Coast to Coast AM Semivan described his own alien-type encounters that occurred to him and his wife starting in 1990, in which beings showed up in their bedroom. The incident was authentic, and not a hypnagogic or dream state, he stipulated. The couple subsequently observed on-and-off poltergeist activity in their home, and more recently, he said he saw a hooded figure that resembled the Death Eater character from Harry Potter, who perhaps materialized to herald the death of a close friend. Semivan said he concurs with a remark made by Skinwalker Ranch researcher Colm Kelleher that the UFO phenomenon is a lot more than nuts & bolts and machines, as there are also psychic and biological elements that ratchet up the high strangeness. To the Stars’ investigation of “metamaterials” with odd isotopic ratios (possibly associated with UFOs) was ongoing, he added.

In the first half of the interview Semivan said:

“I think they mention that the phenomenon is a natural part of our universe, and we’re living in it but we don’t recognize it. The same way that insects and animals don’t recognize the human universe. A cat and a dog could be running through a library, but they don’t have the faintest idea what the books are all about and what libraries are all about. We might be walking through our existence and there’s a whole other reality that surrounds us that we just simply don’t have the ability to see or interact with.”

“It seems to be peeking inside our little consensus reality. As I explained to somebody once, it comes close, it teases us, it cajoles us, it lies to us, but you can never take it home to meet the parents. It won’t allow you to do that. There’s no formal introduction. Add on top that there’s no ontology, which is just a fancy word, it basically means there’s no structure to even discuss this. We don’t have a common lexicon. Somebody said we have dots but no connections. I don’t even think we have dots.”

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John Ramirez, a 25-year CIA veteran who specialized in ballistic missile defense systems, was featured in the latter half of the interview. He recalled his long-standing interest in spycraft, and how he shifted from being a Navy officer to the CIA in 1984. He compared intel gathering to being a journalist for a news service, though his sources for reports were typically clandestine.

John Ramirez
John Ramirez

Like Semivan, he also experienced what might be considered alien abduction-type experiences, including being placed on an examination table in a circular craft. Interestingly, a number of his counterparts in the CIA and NSA also had UFO experiences, he revealed. In his job related to missile defense, he became aware of times when Russian radar would detect unusual craft, and in one instance, he said they tried to lure a UAP into landing.

Ramirez noted that CIA historian Gerald Haines wrote about the agency’s study of UFOs from 1947 through the 1990s, for a division that was initially called the Office of Scientific Intelligence. What was particularly intriguing to Ramirez was that the division had life sciences and medical people on staff, indicating possible interest in alien bodies.

He also described how an Air Force pilot on the plane that flew near Kamchatka to monitor Russian tests observed a massive “milky white wall” of light flying toward him at 6,200 mph, though the Air Force assumed it was some kind of countermeasure by the Russians. Regarding the military sightings of ‘trans-medium’ UAP like the Tic Tacs, Ramirez said he does not believe that Russia or any other foreign country has the capabilities to produce this kind of antigravity technology.

Lue made these points in several interviews, but in this one, he was asked to elaborate on his comments about how our senses are reductive and limit our reality, and how this might be relevant to the phenomenon. He replied:

“This is something we’ve been dealing with for a long time. Imagine the first person to get on a boat and sail over the horizon. There’s stories of sea monsters and Krakens that will devour you and destroy your boat. Yet, we did it anyways. We did sail, and we explored the world. It turns out, 500 years later, there really are sea monsters. We call them the Great Squid of the Pacific, and great white sharks and whales.

Now they’re just part of nature and have a scientific name, but those sea monsters still exist. They’re there, we just learned to understand them. Maybe this is the same thing. Maybe this is just another expedition over the horizon where we’re going to realize what we thought were monsters are really just neighbors.”

Interestingly, Garry Nolan, Lue Elizondo, Tom DeLonge, and Jacques Vallee say very similar things when it comes to the reality of the phenomenon.


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3 months ago

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3 months ago

Guys wakey wakey Anti gravity has been around since the 1950s Without gravity G forces dont count So thats how you can stop instantly etc

3 months ago

Jim Semivan, I need to contact him regards his “visitations”. I had an experience 40 years ago, would be interesting to see if it was similar. It involved “something” appearing in our bedroom in the form of a gas/mist. Bit more to it, but would be good see if he had a similar circumstance.