Almost All Bodies Are Spherical In Space, Why?


The Earth is a huge material body as compared to a wooden scale. Its mass is incredibly large relative to the weight of the wooden scale.

There are many round objects in our sky. The sun is round. At night, we see the moon’s silver ball. As for other planets and stars, we also know that they have a spherical shape.

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There is a force which we call “gravity” that in the whole Universe turns the worlds into smooth balls. Strength is a force that attracts any piece of matter to another. This is the force that causes the ball to fall to the earth and keeps the planets in their orbits. The greater the mass of the object is, the greater its force of gravity is. However, if we compare the force of the electromagnetic forces, the gravity is much weaker.

everything is space is round
Everything in space is round

Therefore, we do not notice the forces of gravity between people in a crowd or between a hand and a pencil. Pencil and man are not too large masses. But throw a pencil and see gravity in action. The pencil will not fly up and will not fly to the side. It will fall exactly down towards the ground because the force of gravity acts on the pencil. To feel the power of gravity on yourself, just jump.

The strength of the earth is not enough to smudge people and mountains over its surface. But there is a certain limit above which the mountains cannot grow since the crust can withstand not too much gravity. Our neighbor Mars is a planet smaller in size than Earth. The force of gravity on Mars is three times lesser than on our planet.

Olympus Mons
Olympus Mons/

Therefore, the geological structures of Mars can reach incredible heights in earthly concepts. This, according to experts of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), explains that Olympus Mons, the highest peak of Mars, has an altitude of 24,000 meters. It is almost three times taller than Everest. This peak of Mars was called Olympus, because, according to ancient Greek mythology, Olympus is a high mountain on which gods lived beyond the reach of mortal people.

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