Earth Alien Species | Octopus Is Not From Earth, Proved!!

American scientists from the University of Chicago came to the conclusion that octopuses have extraterrestrial DNA, according to the information written in the journal “Nature.” We can consider  Octopus as the Earth alien species.
Later, an international union of scientists under the guidance of Australian immunologist Edward Steele, who works at the Center for Astrobiology in Sri Lanka, assumed that extraterrestrial retroviruses are responsible for evolution on our planet.
They claimed the possibility that some cephalopods came to us with comets. Their statements were published in the journal “Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology.”
Earth Alien Specie
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong from earth/Flickr
Four decades ago, Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe, proponents of the panspermia hypothesis, put forward the H-W thesis about cometary biology. According to it, living organisms get to Earth due to comets.
Scientists assumed that space objects brought retroviruses, causing diseases and thus directing the way of evolution. According to this theory, a Cambrian explosion could be caused by infectious agents.

Octopus DNA Come from Space?

Earth Alien Species
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong to earth/Pexels


In some time, a hypothesis that octopuses could not appear as a result of terrestrial evolution was made up. To prove this theory, scientists based their claims on an unusual variety of modern cephalopods (octopus is among them).
At the same time, complex anatomical features of octopuses appear for a short period of time around 275 million years ago.
Scientists distinguish five main features:
1) genetic factors;
2) behavioral characteristics;
3) a unique nervous system with a huge brain;
4) chamber eyes (different from the eyes of mammals)
5) discoloration.
Earth Alien Species
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong from earth/Flickr
This information gave dozens of scientists a reason to believe that octopuses could not acquire such amazing features as a result of random mutations on Earth. It seems that they had already been so complicated creatures when they came here. It means that octopuses have evolved in a different world. They can aliens who arrived at our planet in the form of eggs.
In addition, octopuses are able to make changes in their own RNA – a genetic structure that works together with DNA, controlling its evolution.
The brain of an octopus is highly developed. It is equipped with the likeness of the thinking cortex, which makes the mollusks very smart.
Earth Alien Species
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong from earth/Flickr
An octopus’s blood is blue, and it has three hearts. One delivers the blood around the body, the other two – through the gills.

Octopus Alien Powers

Earth Alien Species
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong to earth/Pixabay


An octopus does not have a skeleton, so it can change shape. And it can change color: an octopus is masked, acquiring the appearance of objects located under them or nearby. Octopuses are heard, including at a very low frequency – they catch infrasound oscillations.
The genome of an octopus contains 33,000 protein-encoding genes, which is larger than human have. It is worth mentioning that most of the genes have a conservative matrix RNA editing site, but the more primitive cephalopods do not have it.
Such genetic features could not arise during random mutations. Genes’ origin is cosmic. It is possible that in frozen comets, frozen octopus eggs were found.
Earth Alien Species
Earth Alien Species/species that do not belong to earth/Pixabay
As the publication “Science Alert” claims, the work is interesting. According to the editor Denis Noble, this information was written in favor of the origin of evolution, as other organic substances on other celestial bodies demonstrate.

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