5 main reasons why people DIE YOUNG – How to prolong your life


Scientists have found out that our body is designed for 150 years of life. And the current record of longevity in the region of 120 years approximately proves it, but why do people die young?

The average life expectancy is only about 70 years. It means that 30 years of life is real to add to them.

And the sooner you think about it, the longer you can prolong your life. After all, our body begins to age from the age of 15, and after 40 the program of aging is launched at full power.

So now you will learn 5 main reasons why people die young and how to deal with it.

1 – Limited body resource + Uneven life /die young

The resource of our body is clearly limited. It can be spent for 50 years, and it is possible for 100.

When a person lives by the rules, he eats and goes to bed at one time – the body needs fewer resources to support life.

But if every day there is something new – then go to bed at 22, then at 3 am, then you have dinner at 12, or even without dinner – the body wears out more quickly and grows old.

The human body works like a car. An experienced driver knows how to drive without breakdowns and accidents. A newcomer gasps, then brakes, or even crashes somewhere.

Learn to steer your body smoothly. Get rules for your life and a clear daily routine.

It may seem boring, but believe me, it’s much more boring to be treated in a hospital when your body fails. But many people do not even get that chance.

2 – Heart problems – According to statistics, about 50% of people dying from cardiovascular diseases. / die young

Our heart is constantly at work. A person can lose some organs and survive. But heart problems are an obvious threat to life.

So do 3-hour cardio workouts per week – running, swimming, biking on the pulse 120-150. Bring your weight back to normal. Fat is an extra load that spends the resources of the heart more quickly. More often take a contrast shower. This is the best training for your blood vessels.

3 – Free radicals are active molecules that lack one electron and tend to take it away from other molecules./ die young

Taking the electron, it becomes safe. But a molecule that lacks an electron also begins to search for the missing one.

The domino effect is obtained.

And this process lasts forever. Thus, in the body free radicals cause an oxidative process.

What it is you can understand by looking at how iron rusts.

That is, in fact, this slow destruction of the body from the inside. The problem of free radicals is relevant in our time.

During the fueling of the car with fuel from the fumes of gasoline in our body, there are as many free radicals as our great-grandfathers did not receive in a lifetime.

Free radicals are formed by breathing, get to us with boiled food and so on.

They are everywhere. And you can not hide from them! What to do?

  •  Move to a less populated city or more often go out countryside to nature.
  •  Decrease the amount of boiled food.

During the heat treatment, destructive processes occur in the food, which increases the number of free radicals.

Therefore, if you want to slow down the aging process, try to eat less boiled food.

  •  Include in your diet the antioxidant products.

And then the freest radicals will be rendered harmless by the molecules of these products, and not at the expense of the cells of your body.

Here is a list of such products. Among the herbs, a rich antioxidant composition is distinguished by sage and rosemary, chamomile and hawthorn, dog rose, yarrow and wormwood grass, leafy green tea. Among fruits, grapes and fennel, pomegranate, cherries, plums and almost all citrus fruits have a particularly valuable antioxidant effect. Among berries, it is necessary to pay attention to blueberries and cranberries, sea buckthorn and mountain ash, strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries. From dried fruits: dried apricots, raisins, and prunes. From vegetables to antioxidants, potatoes, aubergines and parsley, red pepper, red beans and spinach, cabbage, carrots and broccoli, Brussels sprouts, beets, artichokes and black beans are rich. Almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, pecans and walnuts are champions for the content of antioxidants among nuts. Among fish it is worth paying attention to the richest source of vitamin of youth – vitamin E – salmon, cod liver, pike perch, eel, and squid. And among spices, the most valuable will be ground cinnamon, dried parsley, turmeric, a leaf of oregano and cloves.

  •  Start to get rid of bad habits, especially smoking.
  • Each cigarette is the millions of free radicals that you inhale voluntarily.
  •  Avoid strong sunburn.

The sun’s rays provoke the activity of free radicals.

4 – Weak use of the brain + Demand /die young

Scientists have proved that those people live longer, who have strained their brains for all of their lives, constantly learning new things and expanding their horizons.

The brain controls all the processes in the body. And if it is not developed, all life support processes will also be less effective.

So aging of the body will go faster.

Therefore, if you want to live long – often use your brain. Always learn something new, train and develop it.

It will increase your relevance in life. After all, a person is alive, so long as he has something to live for.

5 – Genetics-Do you know what hurt your parents, grandparents?

And do you know that most diseases, even cancer, and AIDS, can be cured today or seriously slowed down at an early stage?

Genetics affects life expectancy at 25%. So here is one piece of advice. At least once a year, and it is better every 6 months to undergo a full medical examination.

But it’s best to set up your life for longevity with this knowledge.

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