Did Anunnaki Use Mars As Way Station? Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Weapons on Mars


NASA, SpaceX, and other space agencies of the world have a great obsession with the Red planet. Elon Musk determined to voyage to Mars by 2026 despite the dangers. His aim is to establish a self-sustaining Martian civilization. There are many theories in the ancient texts of different cultures that talk about entities from Mars. Is it true that Mars was once inhabited by an ancient civilization? There is no official answer to it, but ancient alien theorists have much evidence to prove the existence of a Martian civilization.

In his various volumes of The Earth Chronicles series, Zecharia Sitchin provided ancient evidence, both texts on clay tablets and illustrations from cylinder seals, showing that Mars served as a way station for the Anunnaki gods in their space travels from Nibiru to Earth.

In “The Lost Book of Enki,” Zecharia wrote in regard to the Face on Mars that it marked the burial place of an Anunnaki leader named Alalu: a great rock made in the shape of his face and wearing an astronaut’s helmet, covered a cave in which the dead Anunnaki leader was buried.

The existence of large caves (‘caverns’) on Mars, topped by shaped rock structures that were later revealed by NASA– was thus actually written about in Zecharia’s The Lost Book of Enki?

Mars: Anunnaki’s Way Station?

Sumerians never claimed the achievement of visiting Mars for themselves. They wrote on their clay tablets about the Anunnaki who came to Earth from their planet Nibiru, whose elliptical orbit around the Sun lasts some 3,600 years. Many ancient texts unearthed by archeologists that deal with the Anunnaki, their comings and goings, and the astronomical knowledge (among other sciences) that they bequeathed to Mankind have been revealed and explained in a series of books, beginning with The 12th Planet.

Besides, the texts were accompanied by the illustrations found on clay tablets or drawn on cylinder seals. In the texts dealing with the actual space travel between the planets, Earth was designated as the seventh planet, which indeed it is but only if one counts from outside-in, where Pluto would be the first, Neptune the second, Uranus and Saturn third and fourth, Jupiter the fifth, Mars the sixth and Earth the seventh. In those texts, Mars was called “The Way Station,” a stopover place between Nibiru and Earth.

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In their texts, the Sumerians wrote that the Anunnaki traveled to Earth in groups of fifty. The first team under the leadership of E-A (In Sumerian E-A means “the house of water”, and it has been suggested that this was originally the name for the shrine to the god at Eridu), splashed down in the waters of the Persian Gulf, waded ashore, end established Eridu. In time, 600 Anunnaki were deployed on Earth and 300 more operated shuttlecraft between Earth and Mars.

mars anunnaki way station
Pictorial evidence for the Earth-Mars connection is provided by a depiction on a cylinder seal (now kept at the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg, Russia). Between the two planets, an object is depicted, that could only be a spacecraft with extended panels and antennas. Image Credit: Sitchin’s The 12th Planet

According to ancient astronaut theorists, life on Earth may have originated on Mars billions of years ago. Now, humans are hardwired to want to go back, even in its current desolate form. Some 4 billion years ago, Mars was more Earth-like, but it lost its magnetic field for unknown reasons. Then, the solar winds stripped the planet of its atmosphere.

Evidence of Ancient Nuclear Weapons on Mars?

Mars xenon is found to match closely the component in the Earth’s atmosphere produced by Earth’s nuclear weapons programs, hydrogen bomb testing and plutonium production, both of which involve large amounts of fission with fast neutrons. It has been found out that Mars xenon can be approximately a mixture of 70% Nuclear Testing xenon mixed with 30% natural Earth xenon, suggesting that Mars xenon was similar to Earth’s before a large nuclear event altered it dramatically.

This has led some scientists like Dr. John Brandenburg to conclude that it’s very likely that two large Anomalous nuclear explosions took place on Mars in the distant past.nuclear war on mars

In the paper, Dr. Brandenburg argues that Mars shows “…based on new data, evidence that during this period of Earthlike climate, biological evolution produced, at length, a humanoid civilization leaving ruins at several sites, Cydonia Mensa and Galaxias Chaos being two sites most intensively investigated. Data from these sites formed the basis for the Cydonian Hypothesis (Brandenburg, DiPietro, and Molenaar, 1991) of an ancient, indigenous, approximately Bronze Age civilization on Mars.”

After going through available data on Mars, Dr. Brandenbrug concluded that at least two massive airborne explosions occurred with fusion devices similar in design to those on Earth. However, there are many scientists who disagree with Dr. Braneburg saying that there is a natural explanation by which the anomalous gasses and elements on Mars can be explained.

But Dr.Brandeburg firmly sticks to his theory saying that Xenon 129 on Mars is likely the product of a nuclear process.

Do Japanese Ancient Tombs & Mars’ Large Symmetrical Structure Belong To The Same Creator?

In 2013, the author and founder of the Cydonia Institute George J. Haas found some anomaly on the surface of planet Mars while checking Mars photographs from NASA’s collection. He noticed a large formation protruding from the surface of the Red planet. Haas found out that there were no other geographical features around this peculiar formation. This huge rocky part was symmetrical in nature and had a strange shape of a “keyhole.” (Click here to read the full article)

keyhole-shaped formation on mars
A strange keyhole-shaped formation protruding from the surface of Mars was first noticed by George Hass

Hass doubted that the large emerged rock part was of a natural formation. In the field of astronomy, when scientists look for a sign of activity on other planets, they look for structural symmetry. And this photo could possibly initiate the fact that the keyhole formation is an artificial structure, probably made by extraterrestrials.

According to ancient astronaut theorists, this photo turned out to be a gem to prove that in ancient times, Mars and Earth were visited by the advance extraterrestrial race. They believe that a strikingly similar artificial formation exists right here on Earth, i.e. “Kofun.”

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