Former CIA Agent Admits To Collect Extraterrestrial Devices Found Inside Alien abduction Victims


Derrel Sims aka “Alien Hunter” is one of the world-leading experts on alien abduction who has investigated more than 2,000 alien abduction cases in his 38-year career. Sims has claimed to have worked as a former military police officer and CIA operative, according to Technology expert Katie Linendoll’s report from the 2015 International UFO Congress in Arizona.

The ex-CIA officer is also interested in ufology and has investigated many cases associated with alien representatives abducting people. Sims warned that most aliens are aggressive creatures, so we should be wary of meeting them.

For the past several decades, supporters of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations have been saying that representatives of alien civilizations have long been kidnapping people in order to conduct experiments.

Derrel Sims
Derrel Sims

Sims told Linendoll that he was adamant about only working with evidence-based methods, using DNA tests and collecting samples, and relying on ultraviolet, infrared, and x-ray tools in his research. He said that, in 1992, he discovered aliens leave their own kind of fluorescent fingerprint, and he continues to test for these clues. He added that if you have had an alien encounter, it’s important to react quickly to gather evidence: “fluorescence” stays on the skin for only 24 hours. He said that other marks aliens leave include “scoop” marks, which are an identifying thread some abductees have in common.

In an interview with the YouTube channel UAMN TV (the video was deleted later), Sims claimed that he knows seven types of humanoids, among which there are grays and creatures that, according to their external data, are very similar to humans. Moreover, Derrel claims that some of the aliens were created on our planet with human DNA.

The researcher of extraterrestrial civilizations said that some people, after being abducted, enthusiastically speak of their experiences and talk about the incredible technologies of extraterrestrial races.

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Quite often, such people do not even realize that they have been inspired by the positive aspects of meeting with aliens, so they are unable to speak the truth. There are also people who had their memory erased, so they cannot remember that they were abducted and carried out various experiments.

Sims’ personal alien encounter

The ufologist also spoke about his personal experience of abduction by aliens when he was only four years old. According to Sims, the aliens tried to alter his childhood memories, making him believe that he saw a clown and trying to make him forget about the meeting and the abduction.

“No speech or communication of any kind comes from this “thing,” whatever it is. The arms and legs are long and skinny, the body and neck, thin. The bulbous head, like an upside-down teardrop, is cocked slightly to the side. I can see him from head to crotch, and he doesn’t have a “tee tee” or a belly button! Does he have knees? I can’t see them and I want to know what his feet look like too. He had a strange faint smell. It smelled awful. . . .”

Simes writes that in December 1980, his wife, two children, and he lived in a large ranch home on 4 acres near Huffman, Texas. [One night] he awoke suddenly with a feeling of dread. He added, “In the dark, I ran as fast as I could to the living room, where I stood watching in horror: There was my 6-year-old son looking out the window. He was not asleep. He was deep in a trance. They had come and, like my own dad, I was not there for him. . . .”Oh God,” I thought, “not my son, too.”

“Unknown to me until years later, my son had rigged a crossbow and a sharp broadhead arrow to automatically shoot the next uninvited “intruder” into his room. My son’s act of desperation could easily have killed any of us in that home if we inadvertently opened the door in the night to check up on him.”

Evidence: a collection of alien implants

Sims claimed to know more than 2000 cases of abduction of people by aliens, but he was sure that about a million people are abducted every year.

On his website, a former military cop claims to have the largest collection of alleged alien implants and artifacts to date, and each object has its own fascinating story. In his book, “Alien Hunter: Evidence and Truth About Alien Implants,” Sims has shared the truth behind alien implants.

alien implant
Derrel Sims at an American Medical Association conference at John Muir Medical Center in the California Bay Area in 1994. Image credit: Alien Hunter

Inspired by the haunting memory of his own “implantation” at the age of 12, the Alien Hunter quietly began collecting alien artifacts that allegedly came from the human body. Some of these were surgically removed and then given to him by patients, while others were expelled naturally from the body.

Sims sees implants as a relatively rare phenomenon, perhaps affecting less than 1% of the abductee population. Yet in 1995, he finally felt the evidence was compelling enough to formally document the removal of alleged objects from two of his most promising cases.

In 1994, Derrel was invited to speak at an American Medical Association conference at John Muir Medical Center in the California Bay Area. In front of an audience of distinguished medical personnel, he made several predictions about what we would find with regard to genuine alien implants:

1. The objects would not contain technology;
2. The tissue surrounding the object would not exhibit inflammation, either chronic or acute’
3. There would be nerve cells present in parts of the body where they are not naturally occurring;
4. Besides the metallic objects, we will begin to see a “biological implant,” a cluster of brain cells in another part of the body.

Two major studies were done on surgically removed objects and anomalous objects, one by New Mexico Tech University and the other by Los Alamos Labs. The results were intriguing, though not conclusive. Blind testing done at Los Alamos Lab revealed extraterrestrial isotopes such as would be seen in a rare meteor. Additionally, the form of the metals suggested manufacture as opposed to natural origins.

Sims’ team of medical and scientific consultants continues to study the evidence of alien implants, both in surgically removed objects and anomalous objects still in the body. Much more testing remains to be done, and Sims urges a healthy skepticism while continuing to forge ahead.

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