This British Astronaut Believes Aliens Live Among Us On Earth, But They Are Invisible


The aliens have already arrived on earth. For decades, this belief has been associated with cranks, but now, scientists and researchers working at universities suggest that aliens live among us, on the planet Earth.

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No matter how unlikely this may sound for a firm belief in the infallible rationality of our higher education and research institutes, many scientists really believe that there is a chance that we can walk among aliens. In fact, the same scientists believe that these aliens are invisible, undetectable for our five senses and ordinary methods of detection.

British Astronaut
Helen Sharman: British Astronaut

Helen Sharman, the first Briton in space that now works at the chemistry department of Imperial College London, told the observer: “Aliens exist, there’s no two ways about it.”

Sharman is certainly not alone among university scholars and researchers who hold such beliefs. Back in April last year, the Oxford Student Newspaper published a strange interview with Dr. Young-hae Chi of the University of Oxford.

Dr. Chi claimed that he believes not only in the invisible aliens living on Earth but also in the theory that they interbreed with humans in order to create a hybrid species that can survive the effects of climate change. You might think this is completely insane, but Dr. Chi even wrote a book defending such beliefs, entitled “Alien Visitations and the End of Humanity.”

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Dr. Chi gives the strangest example of a scientist who believes in aliens, but other, more respectable scientists have invested considerable time, effort and money exploring the possibility of the existence of invisible aliens among us.

In 2018, Dr. Gabriel de la Torre of the University of Cadiz in Spain published an article in which he suggested that aliens could live in dark matter that permeates the entire universe, but which is unobservable.

British Astronaut
Do aliens live among us?

He explained: “What we are trying to do with this differentiation is to contemplate other possibilities – for example, beings of dimensions that our mind cannot grasp, or intelligences based on dark matter or energy forms, which make up almost 95 percent of the universe and which we are only beginning to glimpse.”

He is not the only scientist who suspects that invisible aliens may inhabit dark matter. In 2016, Dr. Caleb Scharf from the Center for Astrobiology at Columbia University wrote an article in which he suggested that dark matter is the place where all technologically advanced life ends or where there has always been a large part of life. However, others have suggested that undetectable aliens may represent an alternative, shadowy form of microbial life. This is exactly what Carol Cleland and Shelley Copley from the University of Colorado have suggested in a number of works published since 2005.

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Do aliens live among us?
Do aliens live among us?

It is not surprising that such articles caused a lot of noise in the media, which often likes to imagine that science is on the verge of an important paradigm-shifting discovery. However, what the modest growth of researchers engaged in invisible alien theories shows is actually much more mundane.

Nevertheless, even if theories about invisible aliens are little more than pieces of idle speculation or fulfillment of desires, they certainly have imagination. And although it is difficult for any person, even a little skeptical one, to really agree with the idea that aliens are already among us, it is also difficult to deny that such a huge universe as ours should undoubtedly contain other intelligent life forms.

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