Why are ​Board games still top popular?


Board games have been popular for a long time – the most ancient appeared in 4 century B.C. Some of them were only for fun and entertainment, others for developing mathematical skills, intelligence, speed reactions, attention.

But why are these games still top popular nowadays?For more information
Board games mean alive active personal relations, in reality, even Skype can’t give such an effect. Board games can’t be replaced with computer games -as they are much more various: computer games can be different on gameplay, like action, strategy, adventure, horror and so on, but in board games, the types even don’t have names – too many of them: mechanics, levels of difficulty, genres, settings…

Eurogames (playing mechanics on scores), Ameritrash (emotional risky actions), Party games (spending time with fun), Fillers (short games), Wargames (fights of different armies), Collectional Card Games (card mechanics with collection elements), Alive Card Games (making unique card sets), Abstracts (without straight setting or theme). They all mean competition – a real challenge even for close friends.

It’s a golden age of board games -new talented creators made a whole culture of these games. Alias, Mafia, UNO, Business… they are at peak of popularity. The rules are simple but they are so fascinating! There are whole festivals of them, even computer gamers switch to board games.

People were born with a need in changing the emotions, some scientists believe that a person can’t live without games. It’s fun, interesting, exciting.


“Board games are timeless and ageless,” says Dave Mills, avid board gamer and co-founder of gaming site Dark Cleo Productions, “We’ve had granddads bring their eight-year-old grandsons to conventions, and they’ve both sat down and played a game together. I’ve been involved into several groups and societies, and you get a lot of people who suffer from social anxieties or even autism and other disabilities, but they’re welcomed in. You’ve all got something to focus on, and the social side of it comes naturally.”

Board games play a huge role in children’s health and brain development:  different types of board games help to develop logic and reasoning skills, improve critical thinking, increase verbal and communication skills, develop attention skills and the ability to concentrate for longer periods of time. They encourage young players to detect patterns, plan ahead, predict the outcome of alternative moves and learn from experience.

Board games are a nice occasion to meet with friends, a great gift, can be played with whom you want, wherever you want, can help a child to become popular in his company, can be played in a huge company or in a couple, can be interesting for adults, a perfect occasion to invite a girl to your house, let you put on yourself different roles.

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Share ur view in comments: What do you personally like in board games? Will be they replaced with anything else in future?

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