Foot Traces (32X15 inches) Of Mystical Beast Yeti Found By Indian Army In Himalayas


In 2019, the Indian military discovered traces in the Himalayas that are supposed to belong to Bigfoot or Yeti. Climbing expedition members reported this on Twitter. In the report, it was noted that mysterious traces of the mythical Yeti were found near the base camp on Mount Makalu. They reach a gigantic size of 32 inches long (81 centimeters) and 15 inches wide (38 centimeters). A chain of snowman footprints was photographed and recorded on video. The results were transferred to scientific experts for further research.

Although the discovery was made on April 9, 2019, it was reported only 10 days later. The reason for the delay is the doubts that overpowered the Indian military climbers. Many people believe that the tracks were left by the bear. Nevertheless, over six thousand people retweeted the post.

According to the Times of India, the first reports of the legendary mountain dweller on the border between Nepal and China appeared in the 1920s. In the 1950s, British explorer Eric Shipton first photographed mysterious giant tracks while climbing Mount Everest. After that, scientists and ufologists from different countries took up the search for the elusive animal, but to no avail. Most of the discovered evidence for the Yeti belonged to bears.

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Whether they’re said to trod through snow or skulk in swamps, stories of mysterious ape men are a common theme throughout the world. The Yeti is the oldest legend of the bunch. Lore of a man-like beast in the Himalayas has its roots in pre-Buddhist religion. The Lepcha people recognized a supernatural “Glacier Being” as one of their hunting gods and the ruler of all the forest’s creatures.

It wasn’t until later that an early version of the term “Yeti” emerged. Most experts believe it derives from a Sherpa word, possibly yeh-teh meaning “small, man-like animal” or meti meaning “bear.” The Yeti starred as the antagonist of many cautionary folk tales shared by the Sherpa people. In their legends, the creature was depicted as an apelike man who left large tracks in the snow.

In 2008, Japanese climbers returning from a mountain in Western Nepal saw footprints that, according to them, belonged to Yeti. In the same year, a team of two men from the US found the remains of the strange creature that had the body of an ape and half-human, but later it was concluded to be a gorilla rubber suit.

Still, scientists cannot give strong proof of the existence of Bigfoot. Maybe it is the lost ancient alien species that somehow were left by the descendants or wanted to isolate themselves from the humans.

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