Best Small SUV 2019: Top 4 Perfect Passenger SUV

In recent years, the crossovers have managed to move the good old SUVs aside quite aggressively. But, fortunately, in 2019, the patriarchs of this segment have got together and decided to proudly raise their heads and tell the whole world that they still have something to surprise and please fans of off-road driving. They want to create really powerful, reliable, and best small SUV 2019.
Among the most anticipated new products is the long-awaited release of the Mercedes GLB. In tandem with it, there should also be an update of the GLS series, which began to allocate the premium S-class among the heavyweights GL not so long ago – in 2017.
And in general, it can be seen that the best small SUV 2019 will be held under the Mercedes flag. The Rolls-Royce Cullinan stands apart, and in its regard, experts are still confused whether to rank the brand as a too luxurious off-road vehicle or as a grotesquely powerful SUV.

Next in line is the revival of a Land Rover Defender. And the Jeep brand is ready to surprise everyone with the flagship Grand Wagoneer.

1. Mercedes-Benz GLB 2019

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
The new Daimler SUV will showcase at the upcoming show in Detroit. But, according to the manufacturer’s announcements and secret photos leaked on the internet from its test, several conclusions can be made about it.

Exterior and design features

Outwardly, truly revolutionary change is not expected. It is understandable – no one will sacrifice a recognizable brand in favor of momentary fashion trends. The headlights will be a diode and more expressive in shape, and the grille will slightly change the design. But the size of the SUV has significantly “grown up”: finally, the scourge of almost all generations has been fixed – the legroom in the second row will be 15 cm more due to the new frame platform.

Interior and equipment cars

The most top-end version is planned to be equipped with a 12.3-inch touchscreen and a virtual dashboard. And the real highlight of the salon will be innovative multi-contour massage seats with ventilation. By increasing the base, the trunk will become more voluminous, and on the whole, it is expected that the interior will be slightly refreshed with newer, more modern materials.


Model Specifications

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
A powerful SUV will get a choice of three engines at once: 2 versions of a turbo on petrol for 3 and 4 liters, and three-liter turbo diesel.
 Also, the package promises to please:
  • nine-speed automatic transmission;
  • 4Matic all-wheel drive;
  • reduced transmission range;
  • increased by as much as 24 cm clearance;
  • three differential locks.

The rest of the details, unfortunately, the manufacturer keeps a secret. But, experts agree that the model will traditionally confirm its reputation as super-passable, super-reliable and, of course, extremely popular.

2. Land Rover Defender 2019

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
This thorough restyling from Jaguar Land Rover has been waiting for a long time. They waited and argued whether the manufacturer would decide to preserve the iconic series, which largely determined the canons of the class, or would rework it to please the crossover concept that flooded the markets.
Well, I must say this new best small SUV 2019 did not disappoint me, and the car, made in the best traditions of Defender, is waiting for us in 2019.

Exterior and design features

The inviolability of its copyright JLR keeps on relentlessly – only camouflaged copies were released for the tests, redrawn beyond recognition, but, of course, with a new filling.
Therefore, we can say little about the changes in appearance. Although, in the release, the authors report that the exterior design will become “less rough.” It is known that the frameless aluminum platform, common to the entire modern model line of the manufacturer, will remain. Consequently, the size of the classic Rover will not differ too.
However, it is expected that the power structure specifically for Defender thoroughly reworked to give the car more endurance and strength. But, the classic longitudinal layout of the motor will remain the same.

Interior and equipment cars

It is known even less about changes in the cabin.” Of course, the whole set of traditional electronic systems will be put on the model and, presumably, they will take Velar as a basis for this.
For the rest, it seems that we should expect the design in the style traditional for this premium brand, with its expensive materials and purely English pedantry in the ergonomics’ soundness.

Model Specifications:

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
  • transfer case with a decrease;
  • independent spring suspension (upgraded fourth Discovery);
  • engines of a completely new family of Ingenium (an impressive choice of four-cylinder diesel engines and gasoline counterparts);
  • wide selection of gearbox (automatic/mechanical).

It seems that the brand has taken on Defender seriously: they promise to release several versions at once, including charged ones. The usual options will include both long-base and short variants. And, of course, we can hope that the relocation of production from Britain to Slovakia will not affect the quality this best small SUV 2019.

3. Jeep Grand Wagoneer 2019

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
This impressive monster in the market will have to compete with the Range Rover and the corresponding versions of Mercedes, but, definitely, long-time fans of large-sized creativity from Jeep will give due to the new product.
Moreover, the choice of the base has become more than exotic for Grand Wagoneer – this is the basis of the Ram1500 pickup.

Exterior and design features

Many car experts with humor reacted to the leaked photos, summing up at once that “Grand Wagoneer is similar to the full steroids Cherokee”.
In addition, cosmetic updates have taken place in the exterior: the original “dot” design promises diode headlights, and the number of grille segments, in theory, should hint at the number of seats in the cabin. Taillights will echo the style of the front, and complete the image destined for more than spectacular dual exhaust.

Interior and equipment cars

They promise a seven-seater version in three rows as the base, with the traditionally luxurious trunk due to the elongated rear. For the rest, most likely, we will not see anything new in comparison with Cherokee. Although this is not so bad – its latest versions did not cause any complaints.

Model Specifications:

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
  • rear-wheel drive with plug-in hybrid powertrain;
  • engines: Chrysler’s 6.4 l Hemi engines or the usual 5.8 l V8 and 3.6 l V6; turbo diesel will be available;
  • several transmission options.
The hybrid version will be plug-in for the sake of modern eco-standards. And most likely, it will be the same system as the Chrysler Pacifica. Not the fact that the update, the release of which will be adjusted in Michigan, will receive different options for the base.

However, with a variety of options in the line of this auto brand, it in no way threatens to turn into a problem. The declared price for it is about 130 thousand dollars.

4. Rolls-Royce Cullinan 2019

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
They named the model effectively – “The Star of Africa” is still the largest known diamond in the world. And its 3106.75 carats fully correspond to the ambitions of Cullinan. Estimated cost – 400-500 thousand dollars.
For the release of a luxury SUV, the British plan to take it at the end of 2018, therefore, to meet it in the market before the start of 2019 will not work. But, the novelty seems to be worth the wait.

Exterior and design features

It has already been promised that the platform will be aluminum (this is the very sensational CLAR) on the integrated frame, by analogy with the new Phantom and the seven from BMW, which is logical, of course, to expect from a subsidiary.
True, in comparison with the first one, the car will be shorter, although its five meters inspire respect. And the weight will be about 2.5 tons.

Model Specifications:

Best Small SUV 2019
Best Small SUV 2019
  •  the engine (while the only one is declared) is twelve-cylinder, 626 hp and 6,6l;
  •  eight-speed automatic transmission ZF; four-wheel drive;
  •  multi-link rear and double-lever front air suspension;
Most likely, in the future, they will take to create a current hybrid based on the model.
In the back, Cullinan will breathe no less interesting Bentley Bentayga and the most charged version of the Range Rover, already successfully run-in users.

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