Asteroids Orbiting Earth Could Be Alien Spaceships To Watch Humans


American physicist James Benford made a sensational statement that the co-orbiting asteroids that constantly accompany the Earth in outer space can be alien spaceships for observing our planet.

According to the expert, hypothetical representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations could have sent out space probes that search for extraterrestrial life. Some of those spacecraft could detect life on Earth and linger in solar orbit to be constantly near the Earth. There are indeed more than 15 co-orbital asteroids near our planet, but so far, no assumptions have been made about their artificial origin.

Alien Spaceships
Are asteroids alien spaceships watching us?

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The scientist shared his thoughts in the paper published in The Astronomical Journal, asking alien hunters to closely check out the near Earth Objects (NEOs).

Benford’s colleagues, who agreed to his comment on the study, noted that the physicist is unlikely to be right, but in the future, his assumption will most likely be easy to verify in practice.

Alien Spaceships
Alien Spaceships/ Image credit: Daily Express

Interestingly, in the past, scientists have already considered the possibility that an asteroid can be the alien probe. To date, the only known space object that flew into the solar system from the outside is the asteroid 1I / Oumuamua


Scientists checked whether Oumuamua is a source of artificial radio signals, but the assumption has not been verified. Subsequently, another group of scientists tried to approach the issue from a slightly different perspective – the experts studied all the known properties of Oumuamua and tried to distinguish among them those ones that originally could not be explained.

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Dr. Benford’s theory can be compared with the zoo hypothesis according to which aliens are looking for us which in term tries to explain the Fermi paradox.

The Fermi paradox says that the universe is old enough to sustain the existence of many civilizations, and some of them maybe even more advanced than ours. If it is true, then why haven’t we met one?

Many scientists come up with the idea that once a civilization reaches its immense age, they eventually kill themselves either with advanced weapons or through war. Or, maybe, there is simply no life outside Earth.

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