Are UFOs Time Machines From Future Humans?


Some experts interested in the issue of the UFOs tend to believe that they do not come from a distant universe but are time machines. With such machines, our distant descendants study the history of their land, but it is possible for them to make tourist trips as well.

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For those who do not believe in the existence of UFOs, there are a lot of facts that have already been accumulated – video materials, photographs, and testimonies confirming the presence of strange objects.

A professor at Montana Tech believes that UFOs are just not aliens but our own descendants from the future, coming to study humans to apply it in their own evolutionary past. Dr. Michael Masters who specialized in biomedicine, human evolutionary anatomy, and archaeology is not the only one who believes in the phenomenon, even US Navy confirms that UFOs are real.

We were not the first race appeared on Earth

If you start from the moment the first people appeared on our planet and reached our days, a picture is built up by itself, in which humanity has risen from the lowest stage of development to the highest one.

Are UFOs time machines?
Are UFOs time machines? Image credit: NBC News

But according to the findings of archaeologists and the discoveries of scientists, it turns out that we were not the first on our planet to reach such a level, and before us, there had been developed civilizations. Where, and why have they disappeared from the Earth?

The answer may be simple.

The first tribes of Homo Sapiens lived, hunted and multiplied in no way without interfering and destroying our mother nature.

More than 1000 years passed before people came up with a wheel, when we turned from small tribes into nations, seized the best lands, first for life, and then for glory and wealth.

To be the most powerful race, we self-developed not paying attention to the fact that we are destroying ourselves.

Are UFOs time machines?
Are UFOs time machines? Image credit:

If we accept the possibility that soon we will be able to travel in time and move in space, then the answer suggests itself: UFOs are the representatives who survived from the few destroyed civilizations in the past due to their own foolishness or some other reasons happened on Earth.

The day may come when life on our planet will be impossible, and we will have to leave it in search of a new life.

Signs of time travel in the past

Are UFOs time machines?
A woman carrying a device that resembles a mobile phone from the film 1938.

A mobile phone can also be taken into account in the documentary film of 1938, in which you can see a girl in the photo, holding the device to her ear and talking on it, gesturing and smiling.

In 2000, John Titor appeared on the Internet. At a forum of scientific travels in time, he described in detail 2001 year. Before leaving the forum, John said that in 2000, he survived.

John Titor
Titor, a time traveler claimed he had been sent back to 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer.

In the forum, John Titor explained that he had been an American soldier and participated in a military time travel project. But they sent him in 1975 to retrieve an IBM 5100 computer, which was needed to decrypt computer codes of the past. And in this case, the fact that he wrote about the IBM 5100 which became known only in 2007 was surprising.

The assumption that UFOs are the time machines can be partially proved by the fact that their pilots almost never interfere in subconscious processes. In view of this, it is permissible that changes made in the distant past had every chance of obtaining unpredictable results in the future.

Or they only invade in those cases if they are able to positively influence the prospect. The explanation lies in this hypothesis that a UFO is contained throughout the history of mankind.

But what if hundreds of thousands of years ago we experienced global climatic catastrophes and changes that led to the destruction of mankind, and then returned, multiplied, destroyed, and with test tubes of eggs, when there was nowhere to go, becoming very smart, but having killed our planet, they flew away in search of new worlds in the hope of someday returning back?

It is not worth it to deceive ourselves, as when the time of reckoning will come and we will fly away in search of a better life, there will not be enough tickets for everyone.

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