Ufologist Found A 2.5-Km Long ‘Ancient Spaceship’ That Landed On Mercury


UFO hunters believe they have spotted an “ancient spaceship” in the center of a crater on the planet Mercury.

On August 15, 2020, well-known Taiwanese ufologist Scott Waring posted photos of a structure within a crater on planet Mercury on his personal blog.

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ancient spaceship on mercury
Scott Waring thinks he spotted an ancient spaceship in the middle of a crater on Mercury/ Image credit:/ ufosightingsdaily

“I have found a structure within a crater on planet Mercury today. The structure has three long seg ments to it. Each part is along side the next. NASA map says this is 2.5 km across by 2.5 km high. Thats a huge structure,” said Waring.

He further wrote:

“The way its laying down and the way the three segments are side by side make me think this is a ship and can move from place to place.”

ancient spaceship on mercury
The crater is 2.5 km across by 2.5 km high

The ufologist wonders where the ship crew has gone. He suggested that there might be an underground base near the crater.

Of course, other explanations can be found for what he saw. Mercury is known to be a rocky planet, so the spaceship may actually be boulders.

ancient spaceship on mercury
The object inside the crater has three segments are side by side

Besides, one June 4, 2020, Warning published a video on YouTube, claiming he had discovered a strange triangular object in the photos of the lunar surface taken by NASA during the ongoing Apollo 10 mission.

According to him, this is a huge alien ship about 5 kilometers in length. On the upper part of the starship, long diagonal lines extending from nose to tail are visible. This, according to the researcher, indicates the high strength of an alien object.



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