Ancient Humans With Elongated Skulls Were Highly Developed Aliens?


Elongated skulls are a very interesting global phenomenon. Across the planet, researchers keep discovering traces of these mysterious artifacts, the nature of which supposedly defies any explanation.

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Elongated Skulls
Elongated Skulls

Many researchers enthusiastically call elongated skulls evidence of the existence of forbidden archeology. And some of them even believe that they are proof that the real history of mankind is actually being hidden from the people. But who, and most importantly, why is hiding the truth from us? Why are bizarre and unusual skull deformations ignored by scientists? And why do they persistently refuse to seek the truth?

Why does nobody want to know the reason the ancient cultures around the world practiced the procedure by which they artificially created elongated skulls in humans? And anyway, did they come up with this idea on their own? Or were there some external influences on the ancient people? Maybe thousands of years ago, some kind of developed human race unknown to science inhabited our planet. Or did ancient people practice skull deformation because they had seen a race of advanced creatures that had originally elongated skulls and strange bodies?

In fact, there are many questions. Interestingly, the phenomenon of elongated skulls is not an isolated case. After all, elongated skulls are found in all corners of the Earth.

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Among the most interesting examples of elongated skulls are the so-called skulls of the Paracas culture. They were discovered in the province of Pisco, Peru, almost a hundred years ago. Once upon a time, an Incan empire flourished in those places. It is believed that the skulls are about 3000 years old. And the DNA tests allegedly showed that the elongated skulls of the Paracas culture belong to a completely unknown species of man.

Elongated Skulls
Elongated Skulls

Some scientists claim that DNA extracted from skulls for research has strange mutations. Similar changes are never found in humans. Besides, they have never been observed in primates or other animals. Researchers believe that elongated skulls belong to a completely unknown species of man. And this species is very far from Homo Sapiens, Neanderthals and Denisovans, it does not fit into the generally accepted evolutionary tree. Most likely, these creatures could not even interbreed with humans. There were a few of them. And this led to their degeneration. This explains the discovered skulls of many children. They were simply not viable.

The elongated skulls of the Paracas culture have other strange features. Researchers concluded that the average volume of these skulls is 25% larger than that of the average modern person. And, besides, they are 60% heavier than ordinary human skulls. But that is not all.

The human skull has two parietal bones. But the elongated skulls of the Paracas culture have only one. This is not a modification of the human skull.

So who was it? Aliens? Perhaps, they visited our planet once very long ago, and ancient people saw them? And then, they artificially modified their heads, imitating the gods from heaven. And what if the skulls of the Paracas culture are just the remains of aliens? What if for some reason, their ship broke down and they could not have flown back home? Or did their world die in the flames of a nuclear war?

Obviously, in order to find out the whole truth about the phenomenon of elongated skulls, we need to leave the comfort zone and look at the science, history, and origin of mankind from a completely different point of view, independent of our dogmas and established beliefs. Only then will we understand the history and life of the ancient cultures that inhabited our planet thousands of years ago.


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