Aliens Abducted The Whole Eskimo Village In Canada In 1930


This happened in Canada in November 1930. Angikuni Lake is one of the largest in Canada, its waters are full of fish, and there are many fur-bearing animals in the surrounding forests. It was this circumstance that attracted the Eskimos, who built their settlements on the coast and never lacked food. This attracted many Canadian hunters who wanted to earn on the extraction of fur.

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Aliens Abducted The Whole Eskimo Village
Aliens Abducted The Whole Eskimo Village

One of those hunters was Joe Labelle who while returning from a successful hunt decided to relax in the Inuit village, as he had already done more than once. This settlement was quite large and prosperous. Joe was greeted as a friend there.

That day, there was a severe frost, the skiing man was very tired. Approaching the village, he did not see a single person. Joe went around several houses. Everything looked as if people had suddenly left their homes. Some ready food was left in the dishes, half-finished skins remained in place. Kayaks, clothes, and Eskimo rifles were left in their places.

All this was so unusual that the man, in spite of fatigue, moved on to the next settlement, in which there was a telegraph. Joe told the police about the incident.

The Canadian police responded instantly, a detachment and volunteers from the neighboring village were sent out in search.

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An investigation into the disappearance of the Inuit village did not produce results; on the contrary, there were more questions than answers. The Eskimo dogs, which they treated with great love, remained on a leash and died, there were no traces of people leaving the settlement, and the strangest thing was that a local cemetery was open, the graves were empty.

Aliens Abducted The Whole Eskimo Village
Aliens Abducted The Whole Eskimo Village

The only clue in this situation was an unknown cylindrical object in the sky, which was seen from neighboring villages. The UFO version has become the main one, as no other explanation has been found to this day.

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