NASA Scientist Says Alien Creatures From Other Planets Have Already Visited Earth


NASA scientist Silvano Colombano claims that representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations have already visited our planet, but we could not notice it.

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Alien Creatures
Alien Creatures

The reason for this is the fact that humanity has been existing in the form that we know for a very short time.

According to Professor Colombano, it cannot be ruled out that we do not know about their visits, because they are too different from us and the way we imagine aliens.

In his opinion, the reason for the failure of our search for aliens may be the assumption that this is also a carbon-based life.

It is possible that our civilization is simply too young for contact with others. We have received the main base of technical achievements over the past several hundred years, and if so, all our attempts to predict the development of civilization for several thousands or million years in advance are simply ridiculous.

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If any extraterrestrial mind has already reached the Earth, then most likely, it uses technologies that we cannot even imagine.

Therefore, in order to find guests from outer space, we have to demonstrate an image above the average. Many of the modern technologies that seem to us unchanged and developed on another planet may have long been forgotten.

In addition, if we assume that these organisms are not based on amino acids, that is, for example, not carbon but silicon, then we cannot even predict what we may deal with. Perhaps, we simply won’t be able to ask ourselves whether what we see is a representative of an alien civilization or something like bacteria.

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