Did Hitler Make Contact With Aliens To Create Advance Flying Craft In Antarctica?


Secret German bases in Antarctica from the very beginning seemed to be something completely ridiculous. However, it turns out that there are more and more indications that Antarctica is a very interesting continent, and that New Swabia actually existed.

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Advance Flying Craft
German Advance Flying Craft

When Berlin fell, almost at the same time, reports appeared that the Nazis had evacuated the southern hemisphere. Some of them reached Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay, but some people said that the direction was taken for Antarctica.

The Ahnenerbe was associated with this secret. It was an organization that was engaged in mysticism, as well as anthropological research, for example, in Tibet.

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There are suggestions that Ahnenerbe existed to gain knowledge of forgotten technologies, such as anti-gravity engines, which were supposed to allow the construction of a completely new type of aircraft.

Piri Reis map
Piri Reis map

One of the artifacts that the Nazis were very interested in was the Piri Reis map, discovered on October 9, 1929.

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This map shows the coastline of Antarctica thousands of years ago. Hitler was sure that Antarctica is a continent that is a remnant of Atlantis.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the search for the missing weapons was started there.

Hitler ordered Heinrich Himmler to create a special research group, which was to look for places on the map.

It was quickly understood that the map of the Turkish admiral is, among other things, the coastline of Antarctica, the mainland, officially discovered only in the 19th century. Hitler was sure that Antarctica is a mythical Atlantis.

Apparently, back in 1943, Commander-in-Chief Kriegsmarine, Admiral Karl Doenitz, stated that the fortress was built for Hitler at the ends of the world in the area known as the Queen Maud Land. For the Germans, now it was the Swabian “Neueschwabenland.”

New Swabia
New Swabia Map

Even special catapults were fired on the special Schwabenland ship, and it was clear that aircraft were needed for the search.

According to some reports, it was possible to identify places where penetration into the so-called Antarctic caves was allowed.

When Berlin fell, reports appeared that Adolf Hitler had evacuated to Antarctica, where he was waiting for the fortress built by the Nazis.

In addition, it was then that the first UFO appeared, that is, unidentified flying objects. Many authors claim that these objects are Nazi saucers, and the Third Reich itself is now working undercover, and nothing looks like it is presented on television.

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