9 known first aid techniques that 90% of people do wrong


Know the basic actions when providing first aid techniques to the victim is important. But every action has an opposition, because of which a person’s life can be even more dangerous.

1. Rinsing of wounds with hydrogen peroxide, treatment with iodine and medical alcohol can be dangerous

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: hydrogen peroxide destroys the cells of connective tissue, and the wound heals longer. Iodine and alcohol burn healthy cells, can cause pain and shock when burned on the wound.
First aid techniques: rinse the wound with clean drinking or boiled water, apply a healing ointment with an antibiotic. Plaster and bandage should not be applied unnecessarily, otherwise, the wound will wet and the last longer.

2. Indirect cardiac massage leads to fracture of the ribs and lung damage

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: when performing an indirect heart massage, they easily break the ribs to the victim, and broken bones can seriously damage the lungs and heart.
First aid techniques: to carry out an indirect massage of the heart follows, only after making sure that there is no pulse, a person does not breathe and there is no doctor nearby. While one person calls an ambulance, the second performs compression. The correct rhythm is 100 compressions per minute (in the rhythm of the song Staying Alive band BeeGees). Indirect heart massage for young children is done with the fingers in a different rhythm. Artificial respiration is performed when the heart starts. Another option: 30 compressions and 2 breaths, then again 30 compressions and 2 breaths.

3. Paracetamol may cause liver problems

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: paracetamol consists of acetaminophen. It relieves pain, temperature and soothes inflammation, is a part of popular medicines. Exceeding the dosage leads to the failure of the liver, kidneys.
First aid techniques: carefully consider the dosage. For adults, the maximum single dose is 1 g, the maximum daily dose is 4 g. Acetaminophen is contained in various drugs (mainly those that relieve the symptoms of a cold and headache), and as a result of the combination, it is possible to easily exceed the maximum permissible dose that causes poisoning.

4. With nosebleeds, you can not tilt your head back and lie down on your back

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: if you throw your head back over nose bleeding or lie on your back, blood pressure in your head rises. Determine the nature and danger of bleeding are impossible, blood can get into the lungs, cause vomiting.
First aid techniques: keep your head straight to accelerate the pressure drop. Apply something cold to the nose. With the help of the forefinger and thumb, close each nostril alternately for 15 minutes each, breathing through the mouth. If the bleeding continues, repeat the action. Call an ambulance if the blood continues to go, despite the effort, or if the bleeding is caused by an injury.

5. When an accident, a person does not need to get out of the car, shift to a more comfortable position

first aid techniques


What’s wrong: most often death after an accident occurs due to a trauma to the neck and spine. A minor movement to help the victim lie more conveniently is capable than killing him or making him disabled for life.
First aid techniques: if a person is injured and there is reason to fear that the head, neck or spine is damaged (for example, he does not feel limbs, but there is no blood loss), then you need to call an ambulance and monitor the breathing of the victim right up to the arrival of doctors.

6. In case of serious poisoning, do not drink medicines that cause vomiting

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: medications to induce vomiting can lead to a burn of the esophagus and lead to poisoned vomit masses entering the lungs.
First aid techniques: when suspected of poisoning, you need to call an ambulance, describe the symptoms and possible source of poisoning, record the actions recommended by the doctor. Do not assess the degree of danger and seek advice on the Internet – an overdose of vitamins or alcohol poisoning can be no less dangerous than a gulp of a glass of gasoline. Without the help of a doctor, death can occur within an hour.

7. Using a harness to stop bleeding leads to amputation of the limbs

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: wrong or unnecessary attachment of the tourniquet can bring to the squeezing of the limbs. The tourniquet does not stop bleeding but deprives the limb of blood circulation, which leads to tissue necrosis.
First aid techniques: with a large amount of sterile gauze or clean tissue, put a bandage on the wound and hold it with force. This is enough, while the ambulance rides. An exception is a heavy bleeding, in which the risk of dying is higher than the risk of limb amputation.

8. You do not need to put a spoon in your mouth or take out the tongue to the person who started the fit

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: during a seizure, a person can swallow or suffocate because of an object that is placed to protect the language.
First aid techniques: during an attack a person can jerk sharply and even turn blue. But the attacks end on their own, and the body is not capable of causing serious harm. The most important thing is to call a doctor, take care that a person does not get hurt about something, and watch to make it comfortable for him to breathe. It is physically impossible to swallow the tongue, and it is not dangerous to bite. After an attack, you should put the person on his side.

9. When bitten by a snake, poisonous insects and arthropods, it is strictly forbidden to suck off poison

first aid techniques

What’s wrong: the poison, mixed with saliva, will fall into the mouth, creating another lesion. It will speed up the poisoning of the body, can bring to the swelling of the lungs and cardiac arrest.
First aid techniques: if the bite falls on the limb, take a horizontal position, in which the place of the bite will be lower than the heart. Call an ambulance, describe in detail the source of poisoning and drink plenty of fluids.

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