Ancient Siberian People Drew Alien Figures On The Tomb Stones 5000 Years Ago


In 1985, a 5000-year-old ancient burial mound of the Bronze Age was accidentally discovered by the construction workers near Karakol village in the Altai Republic in Siberia, Russia. They found strange paintings on the walls of the burial, depicting alien figures, made by using some color technique.

Archaeologists discovered four burials a the mound. A distinctive feature was that the buried were placed in rectangular stone boxes made of stone slabs, and strange images were drawn on them with multi-colored mineral paints.

ancient aliens figures
Strange alien figures found in the Altai Mountains

The images of animals, birds, and people with rays-feathers were made on many stone slabs of burials outside the mound. The archaeologist also noticed spots of red ocher on the skull of the human skeleton.

According to the archaeologists, the drawings on the burial slabs were made at different times, and the oldest one had engravings carved in stone with ith images of elk and mountain goats, as well as running people with circular horns on their heads. But the thing that baffled them was the anthropomorphic figures engraved on the stone.

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Ancient aliens Siberia
The archaeologist also noticed spots of red ocher on the skull of the human skeleton.

Scientists from the Kurchatov Institute in Moscow found out that the ancient people knew how to use chemistry 5000 years ago. The red color in the painting was obtained from thermally altered minerals.

Anthropomorphic figures
Anthropomorphic figures in masks

Archaeologists believe that the ancient people of Karakol culture made such strange burials for performing various rituals. The physical evidence found at the site suggests that the Karakol people had their own cemeteries outside the settlements.

Karakol culture
The images show anthropomorphic figures with round horns and feathers on their heads

The first burial of the Karakol culture in Altai was investigated in 1979, but the discovery went unnoticed, as the burial ground was almost destroyed.

One of the paintings on the Karakol burial slab showed an image of a creature (anthropomorphic in nature) with horns, wings, and tails. A close examination of the drawings showed that all the figures in the mask surrounded a dead creature.

Another drawing showed an unusual ritual ceremony performed in the presence of animals and humans.

Altai ancient paintings
Scientists were stunned by the fact that the drawings were made in three colors, white, red, and black.

One of the figures painted on the inner side of the Karakol burial slab depicted a creature with a dog’s head, which shares similarities with the Egyptian dog-headed god Anubis which was associated with death.

This amazing fact testifies that at about the same time in Altai and in ancient Egypt, there were similarities in performing rituals.

Many people believe that these mounds were not burial places but a sacrifice site in Altai, where ritual murders took place, and bodies were thrown in pits.

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