4000-Year-Old Mysterious Figurines Depicting Ancient Aliens or Giants Found On the Italian Island


Huge mysterious statues were found by a farmer while plowing his field on the island of Sardinia, Italy. They hold many secrets of the ancient past that scientists are still trying to unlock. Ancient astronaut theorists believe that there was a civilization of giants that used advanced technology to cut the monoliths. The construction of menhirs and their religious significance remain a mystery.

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Giants of Mont’e Prama
Giants of Mont’e Prama

After the huge discovery by the plowman in 1974, a team of archeologists examined the excavation site located near the town of Cabras on the west coast of the island. They had been carrying excavation for 5 years and found around 5,000 fragments of unique statues made of sandstone. They depicted warrior figurines, archers, fighters, and boxers, stood over between 6 to 9 feet. They had unearthly eyes with two perfectly concentric circles.

the head of one of the giants of Sardinia

The so-called Giants of Monte Prama are ancient stone sculptures made by the ancient Nuragic civilization in the 9th or 8th century. That means these giant sculptures were even older than ancient Greek sculptures ever found in the Mediterranean.

There is no information to whom and why those statues were made. But according to ancient astronaut theorists, the giants guarded the tombs built by the Nuragic civilization all over the island during the Bronze Age.

giant warriors
Around 5000 fragement of warrior figures excavated from the Mont’e Prama archeological site, Sardinia

At the same time, others are convinced that the statues are related to a nearby temple that remains undiscovered.

According to this theory, the temple was erected in memory of the victory of the ancient local inhabitants over the Carthaginian invaders, and the statues depicted the retinue or bodyguards of the military leader. But it is not entirely clear whether there is a connection between the times.

Mont'e Prama
Giants of Mont’e Prama Image credit La Repubblica

An explorer and researcher named Hugh Newman shared a video of these giant sculptures where he compared them with robots. He also talked about giant bones discovered by another farmer also while plowing.

giant tooth
Newpaper clipping shows the giant tooth Image credit: YouTube

There are many other hypotheses, such as the fact that the people of Nuragic culture made statues of giants and exhibited them on the tops of the mountains to scare their enemies.

Or maybe those are figurines of ancient aliens who helped Nuragic people in building 10,000 Nuraghe, an ancient megalithic edifice reached a height of 25-30 meters. After the Egyptian and Mesopotamian, these monuments were considered the tallest known ancient structures in the Mediterranean basin, dating back to the period between the third and second millennia.

Sardinia still hides its origins and history, which has not been fully disclosed. The theory that Atlantis was located in Sardinia adds mystery to the archaeological findings that the area is rich in.

Nuragic Sculptures
Nuragic Sculptures of Monte Prama in Sardinia, Italy

But still, there is very little information about the ancient civilizations that inhabited the island of Sardinia. Some of the restored statues are exhibited in the Museo Archeologico Nazionale di Cagliari, others are in Cabras Museum in Sardinia, Italy.


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