290 Million Year Old Human Footprint Found In New Mexico


Is it possible that the idea of ancient history known to us is completely erroneous, and that people had appeared much earlier on Earth than it was previously thought? The recent numbers of archeological discoveries ruled out such options.

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290 Million Year Old Human Footprint
290 Million Year Old Human Footprint

A trail of 290 million years old was found, and at first glance, the print is not unusual, but everyone in this photo can easily recognize the shape of a human’s leg.

The discovery was first made in the USA, New Mexico, in 1987. Paleontologist Jerry Paul MacDonald stumbled upon a stone with the mysterious print. Nearby, he also discovered the fossilized remains of birds and animals.

290 Million Year Old Human Footprint
290 Million Year Old Human Footprint

Nobody can explain this phenomenal trace. The fossil was formed in layers belonging to the Permian period (the last geological period of the Paleozoic era, which began 298 million years ago and ended 252 million years ago). And this sign is not one of a kind. A video on the Internet shows the petrified foot photographed in Africa.

Scientists have different opinions about this discovery and, obviously, are not very diligent in trying to cast doubt on it. Most often, they say that it looks like a human footprint, but it does not belong to humans.

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