10 unexpected Queen Elizabeth II Facts of Britain


British sociologists conducted a survey and found out that Queen Elizabeth II is the most popular monarch in the history of the country. A perfect declaration of love from your subjects, is not it?
89-year-old queen has another reason for pride: Elizabeth II is the British monarch with the longest period of rule, beating the record of her great-great-great-grandmother Queen Victoria, who reigned 63 years and 216 days.
In honor of this significant event, we collected 10 Queen Elizabeth II Facts, which you do not know for sure.

During the years of her reign, Her Majesty received a million gifts. Among them were quite strange specimens!
For example, a seven-year-old elephant donated by the President of Cameroon in 1972 for her silver wedding. And after visiting Canada, the Queen was given two black beavers.

9. She dreamed of becoming a farmer’s wife

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Little Elizabeth loved to rest away from the noisy London. When she and her parents went to the country residence, the girl spent all her free time in the stable.
At one time she even seriously – how serious a child can be – dreamed of marrying a farmer and having many children, dogs, and horses.

8. … but married her own cousin

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Philip, who during his acquaintance with his future wife was considered the prince of Greece, has Elizabeth’s fourth-born brother: his great-great-grandmother was also the legendary Queen Victoria. It is interesting that Philip is also a descendant of the Russian Emperor Nicholas I, in addition, his mother was the niece of the Russian Empress Alexandra Feodorovna, the wife of Nicholas II.
When the royal family was expelled from Greece, little Philip was sent (in a box of oranges!) To relatives in London. There, the young man learned received the rank of midshipman and went to serve in the Navy during the Second World War.

With Elizabeth, Philip met while studying in college. Young people corresponded for a long time, and in 1946 Philip asked the king for permission to marry.
Although Elizabeth fell in love with Philip almost from the first glance and immediately stated that he would marry him, the family of the future queen was categorically against it. Will their daughter marry an impoverished prince? Never!
As a result, Elizabeth, however, convinced her father to give permission for marriage. Philip of Orthodoxy passed into Anglicanism, renounced the title of Greek prince and accepted British citizenship.

7. The Queen adores dogs of the Corgi breed

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Elizabeth II is crazy about Corgi – charming little dogs with short paws. For all her life she had more than 30 such dogs. The first puppy was presented by the father to the future queen on the 18th birthday. It was a dog named Suzy.
Currently, the head of the British royal family lives two Corgi – Willow and Holly, the descendants of her first pet. Dogs live in the palace with their mistress and ride in limousines. Life was a success!
In addition, Elizabeth loves horses very much.
In its stables, there are many purebred horses, some of which even participate in horse races. It is interesting that the Queen has learned to ride horseback before reading and writing.

6. Elizabeth is friendly with modern technologies

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

The Queen sent her first email … March 26, 1976! This happened in an experimental setup: the message was transmitted via ARPANET, the predecessor of the modern Internet. The Queen of Great Britain is considered the first head of state who used the email.
Today, when technology has gone far ahead, Elizabeth loves to correspond with her grandchildren by SMS.

The head of the United Kingdom has his own Twitter!
And if it is still possible to doubt whether the messages in the microblog are published on their own, you can still doubt it, then the princes William and Harry Elizabeth II communicate exactly herself – photographers repeatedly took pictures, on which the queen dials text messages.

5. Elizabeth II does not have a passport

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

The Queen is the only British citizen who does not have a passport. Right, by the way, too. But this does not prevent Elizabeth II from traveling and driving! Behind the wheel, she first sat in 19 years and now has behind her more than a solid driving experience.
The paparazzi often take Elizabeth behind the wheel. For example, in 2002, photos appeared on the Internet on which the Queen was returning by car from a residence where she was hunting for grouse (another amazing fact from the biography of this lady!).

And in July of this year the queen, sitting at the wheel of her “Jaguar”, turned to the lawn to go with

the family, walking along the roadway. The Queen smiled at the subjects and waved to them.
By the way, during the Second World War Elizabeth served in the Women’s Support Territorial Corps, where she was a mechanic-driver of a truck.

4. The Queen likes order

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Elizabeth II is a great lover of order. Every garment in her wardrobe has its own number. It also indicates the place and time in which the outfit was worn. It is necessary that the Queen does not repeat herself in the choice of clothes: two days in a row in one suit to go out impermissible!
Elizabeth has a strict schedule of the day, it is painted literally every minute. At 7.30 – breakfast in bed, from 10.00 – business, but at night it departs, as a rule, not earlier than 23.00. By the way, the queen likes to start her day with the press, and she not only watches daily newspapers but also a magazine about races.

3. and yet she is unpretentious in eating

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

It would seem that on the royal table there must be dishes of the highest category. However, in reality, Elizabeth II loves a fairly simple food – for example, cutlets, fried beef, and ice cream. Even the Queen adores raspberries but hates avocados.
Like any Englishwoman, Elizabeth does not mind spending time drinking tea. Or for a serving of gin …

2. 89-year-old Elizabeth II is in great physical shape

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Reporters now and then photograph Elizabeth in the saddle. The Queen does not hide that she likes to ride a horse at the Windsor Castle!
And the head of the monarch’s family does not do it for pro forma: she really still loves to ride horseback and is in perfect physical shape. In general, keeps in the saddle as if she was only 20.

1. Elizabeth II was a playful child

Queen Elizabeth II Facts
Queen Elizabeth II Facts

Elizabeth, or, as her name was in a narrow family circle, Lilibet, was born on April 21, 1926. The future queen grew such a big prankster that one day she was spanked … by a telephone master! The fact is that while he was working, the girl got out and scattered all his instruments.
Lilibet also liked to run away from the nanny, to walk past the guards with an important air, forcing them to take the stand “quietly” and take the rifles “for guard”.

It is interesting that, for all her love for pampering and leprosy, Elizabeth was an excellent student. Especially she liked to comprehend languages – even in her childhood Lilibet mastered French perfectly.
The girl’s education, by the way, was handled personally by her father – King George VI. Elizabeth’s other teachers included the vice-rector of Eton College and the Archbishop of Canterbury.


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