​The Normcore- New fashion trends which are simple & unique


If one fine day you feel that you are tired of colorful, difficult, over-accessorised outfits, don’t worry, you can just turn to another fashionable way of looking, being at the same time up-to-date, but feeling comfortable.

How can it be possible?

For some last years, fashion brought some nice ideas that can be described like Unisex, Normcore, Urban Chic. So how to look simple, but stylish? For more information.

One of the last trends is Normcore – the idea of wearing really simple and basic pieces, but making them look fashionable. Normcore is a mix of the two words – normal and hardcore. It’s popular as it’s an easy to achieve style for most people and it’s often more comfortable.

Normcore means a special attitude to life: to dress like everyone doesn’t mean to be like everyone. The most important are not clothes, but the soul.

Normcore followers believe that colorful fashionable dresses are only for one time, whereas plain clothes are forever.

But although Normcore is a practical and comfortable style, it shows certain characteristics. Matching colors is most important for Normcore, so try to mix and match achromatic or muted items.

Rejecting the fast fashion trends, Normcore can become one of them soon; anyway, take into consideration its main rule – to accept others such as they really are, and everybody has his own norms.

Just think: when was the last time your were yourself? Listen to yourself, it’s the most important thing, and make the whole world keep silence.

The main philosophy of Normcore is not to buy new clothes for every season, this style denies consumption for consumption. People come to Normcore when there is too much fashion in their lives and they become tired of it. Most of them want to express themselves with other, more interesting ways than just clothes. The most different thing to do is to reject being different all together.

Fashion becomes more democratic. The trend of keeping fit influenced it much – it’s healthier to sleep one more hour than to make up a new outfit, and easier to go for a walk in comfortable trainers than in high-heeled shoes, which will become out of fashion next year.

Normcore means relaxed indifference to trends, brands and other staff connected with fashion, it’s a whole life position. Being free is more valuable than being special.

According to the trend agency K-Hole, there are some postulates, helpful in understanding the main point of Normcore style. So, Normcore is:

✓ situational;

✓ non-deterministic;

✓ adaptable;

✓ unconcerned with authenticity;

✓ empathy over tolerance;

✓ post-aspirational.


It’s really important to have basic items, necessary for creating a basic women’s wardrobe, where each of them can be easily combined with any another one, and fit for most of the cases, and in any life situations.

Among them, the most useful are:

Clothes: a beige coat, a black trench, a black / grey / beige jumper, a white T-shirt, a black wife beater, a white long-sleeved shirt, dark blue jeans,  a black / grey sheath dress, a cocktail dress, a slim pencil-skirt.

Shoes: beige high heeled shoes, trainers, ballet slippers, sandals.

Bags: a small clutch bag, a middle-sized bag on a chain, a big bag with two handles.

Accessories: sunglasses, a bright kerchief, pashmina, a long rope of pearls, steel / golden watch, a wide black belt.

The key elements of Normcore are:

▶ using unisex clothes;

▶ accent on the plain, actual silhouette;

▶ calm colors without bright accents;

▶ materials without any prints;

▶ using classic base items only, or with some elements of street fashion.

Denim is the keyword for Normcore to look edgy. Roll up your jeans and they will match with any kind of style. Wear things that are not thick and stiff, like stretchy, skinny, wrinkle-free jeans. And try to choose black ones – they will make you look slim.

Add a short-sleeve monotone t-shirt and a simple loose jacket. Choose low-hilled shoes for a comfy and stylish look. Also, you need to add some character – wrap a scarf around your neck, as your look is especially good when it has a color.

Another idea is a clean and sophisticated Urban chic look. Use things that are simple but chic: for example, a plain t-shirt dress, layered with a denim shirt and a bomber jacket, and a pair of the platforms to keep a chic view to the outfit. Also, you may create a stylish look with black and white.

A point in Unisex fashion is to have boyfriend denim – loose jeans for women, that look like jeans they borrowed from their boyfriends. If you are slim and wear oversized clothes, boys feel they need to protect you.

Wear such jeans with black high-hilled shoes, a trench coat, and statement earrings. A more casual variant is to pair your denim with a crop t-shirt. Finish the look with a long cardigan and cute tassel earrings.

Just stay yourself, and you will feel real freedom.

Share ur view in comments: What do u think abt Normcore? What is ur favorite fashion style?

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