​Knitting – a new hobby among men in pubs


It’s true that among British men it has become very popular nowadays: a new stream “Knit together” appeared in London – male fans of knitting go out on the streets of the city to take part in a new hobby.

Can you imagine that?

Some historians believe that manual knitting was invented by men; the most well-skilled knitters were Arabs. Originally men were the first professional knitters, plying their trade in Europe during the 16th century.

So what happens in Britain?

These days, knitting for men is making a comeback.

Nowadays they call themselves outsiders, there are more than 2000 knitters in London, and every day thousands of new knit lovers all over the world join them.

Men Who Knit – a real online club for male knitters
Some knitters create real masterpieces. An idea to knit in public places started about three years ago, and knitting stopped to be a wo men’s craft only.

Although knitting on the public is believed to be improper, people can tell stories connected with this manual craft. In Britain knitting is in the third place among the discussions in pubs and bars – after football and politics.
Taking your knitting to a night club or a cafe means making new relations easily – everyone will be impressed with a male knitter, sure in his own masculinity while doing it.

A real boom in male interest is connected with good emotions – they are the best treats in medicine, so to get free from the everyday stress why not try knitting – a new way in meditation or yoga.

Accounters, doctors, lawyers – men of different occupations become interested in it. Knitting, like painting, is very individual. It’s also like a protest against tons of faceless clothes. The London exhibition “Knitted Together” is an international answer to modern globalization.

It is quite popular among Hollywood celebrities too. Usually, they start on scarves or hats, but later some of them progress into a business – knitwear designers, – so it becomes not only a relaxation exercise but also a part of a new job.

Ryan Gosling has taken up the arts and crafts hobby. It all started after hours waiting in between endless taping scenes, so Gosling got a whole-day lesson from the women on set and he’s been hooked ever since. “If I had to design my perfect day, that [knitting] would be it”, he said.

David Arquette loves knitting needles to relax. Moreover, he even posed for the book cover Celebrity Scarves 2 some time ago.

Even Kurt Cobain, the front man for the 90s grunge group Nirvana, was a knitter.

There are many Sexy Men, Who Knit, so here is one popular blog of one knitting-lover, really dedicated to it.


Knitting includes art practice, engineering skills, and maths solutions. It helps to feel great, so find a spare evening and try it!

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